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great cloth diaper change 2012

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Matteo changed into his hot dogs SoftBums at The Great Cloth Diaper Change at the Diaper Lab today!

In 2012, 256 locations in 15 countries held SIMULTANEOUS events to break the world record for the most reusable cloth diapers changes simultaneously. That meant that some events (like in Malaysia) happened at 2am! (from the great cloth diaper change site)


cloth diaper reviews (fitteds and covers for overnight)

Diaper Update! Sept 2011.

so Baby M is having major overnight leaking issues! he just pees too much. he wakes up soaked! (probably b/c he is drinking so much at night). I headed over to the diaper lab again and did another experiment to own program focusing on night time diaper solutions. tried to focus on fitteds with mixtures of organic cotton, hemp and bamboo. learned that in the range of absorbency, the least absorbent is cotton, then going up is organic cotton, then hemp, then bamboo. also got a few joey bunz hemp inserts to boost absorbency.

a fitted diaper is very similar to a disposable diaper. you put it on and take it off. but it needs a cover over it to make it waterproof/not leak. we used fitteds with covers during the newborn stage and they were great. fitteds work great for overnight and heavy wetters b/c the entire diaper is absorbent.


thirsties duo wrap in snaps – size 2 (we used the size 1’s when he was a NB and loved them, except the velcro got bad really quickly!). didn’t care for the snap version, couldn’t get a good fit. wound up buying 3 in velcro to use overnight despite the previous experience with the velcro not holding up after only a few months of use. well shortly into having them maybe in Jan 2012? I filed a warranty claim with thirsties. the velcro was SO bad. they replaced all 3 with brand new ones and I traded them for flip covers instead over on one of the cloth diaper swap groups on FB. It really is just too bad. the thirsites covers are so perfect in every other way. love the double leg gussets, there aren’t many covers out there with it! also at the belly, it is elasticized some how. so it does gape open, it stays conformed to the skin some how. plus they never leave red marks. b/c of the duo sizing they definitely seemed like they would fit longer vs one size covers. wish I could get a good fit with the snap version.

blueberry coveralls – OS – in snap and in velcro – didn’t care for the snap version, couldn’t get a good fit. for the velcro one – the velcro was splitting by the end of the 2 weeks. the diaper lab said that wasn’t usual but I didn’t want to risk it and buy them. they do come in super cute prints though and I have heard great things about them!

Flip covers – OS – started using these at night around Jan 2012. I like them! there is definitely room to grow in them. one of them the elastic seems to be stretched out a bit more than the others (I have 4) and I am not sure why. they are nice and thin and not bulky at all. no red marks. very easy to adjust. thinking about trying them in the daytime with their organic cotton insert and the disposable insert.


babybeehinds bamboo one size

first use – this was the first fitted I decided to try for nighttime. I left in both the long and short insert. folded the long one up. added a joey bunz hemp insert as well, might have been overkill though! covered with a blueberry coverall with aplix. this was thick! I had to leave the OS cover completely open to the largest size. but baby M didn’t leak! it was on for 11 hours. went to bed around 8:30 pm after having a 6oz bottle. woke up around 1:30 am had 8 oz. then woke for the day at 7:30 am, still nice and dry! first night in a long time he didn’t wake up for his middle of the night feeding all ready soaked through! yippee. taking off the diaper it was wet, but I definitely think it could hold a lot more, and will try next time without the joey bunz

bummis tots bots bamboozle size 2

this is the 2nd fitted I decided to try. it was able to be on the middle rise and I added a joey bunz hemp insert. covered with a thirsties duo wrap with snap closure on the middle rise. love how trim this is for a fitted. 12 hours – NO leaks!!!!!!!!! so far it’s only the 2nd fitted I’ve tried but I love it the best b/c of the fact that it didn’t need to be all the way open on the snap downs – which makes me think it will fit longer. also it is so nice and trim even with the extra insert!

update: so after trying all 5 and retrying a few of them again, I settled on the bamboozle! it just can’t be beat. it is super trim for a fitted, super soft, holds an amazing amount of pee and washes up great! plus I already love bummis/tots bots products as they make my everyday diaper the easy fit. after trying the thirsties duo wrap in snaps, and the blueberry coveralls in both snap and aplix I settled on the thirsties duo wrap in aplix. I know I know I hated the way the aplix got so beat up on Baby M’s newborn thirsties duo wraps, but seriously I could not find a cover I loved as much as it. the fit is just perfect and the snap version just did not fit right. I am hoping since the covers will only be used at night, and not all the time, the aplix won’t wear out as fast. the thirsties are cheaper anyways than the blueberrys. I also tried a few covers on Baby M while we were at the diaper lab – the RaR OS covers, the flip and a couple of the bummis covers/wraps and really none of them measured up!

kissaluvs organic cotton and hemp fitted size 2

3rd fitted to try! was somewhat familiar with it since we used kissas while baby M was a NB. I was able to add the joey bunz hemp in addition to the soaker it came with and still snap it down a size. definitely bulky and big though! it may have been equal in size to the baby beehinds bamboo though or a tad bigger. covered with the blueberry coveralls in snaps. couldn’t snap the rise down on that at all. I was a little worried since I was educated by the diaper lab that on an absorbency level organic cotton was only #2 on the list whereas #5 (most absorb ant) is bamboo and the past two night I used bamboo fitteds. so I was gearing up for a leak. well it worked out great! 12 hours no leaks and Baby M drank a total of 16 oz in it. which is more than he had the previous two nights. so I am impressed that it still worked despite the lack of bamboo.

rumparooz ecoposh one size

I didn’t want to take it for my trial b/c there is no way I will pay that kind of money for a diaper! $34.95!! Baby M wore it last night. It reminds me of a sweatshirt. an old comfy sweatshirt. definitely different than other diapers fabric. I loved the way it fit him. And I do love the inserts that RaR makes. I wish I had liked their pocket diapers but I didn’t. Yet the ecoposh is I think exactly the same just different material and no PUL on the outside. 12 hours in the ecoposh with a blueberry coverall and no leaks. I did use both the inserts it came with. I just can not justify the cost b/c the other 3 fitteds I’ve tried so far work just as well for way less money and one of them was even less bulky. I wonder if they will start selling the bamboo inserts the ecoposh comes with separately? also Baby M has sensitive skin. I put him to bed with a red irritated bum and no CJs BUTTer b/c I am afraid of messing up rented diapers. when he woke up his butt was fine! no more redness!

thirsties duo fab fitted size 2

well this is the 5th and final fitted to try! not sure why I waited so long for this one. I thought for some reason I wasn’t going to like it. it is butter soft. the pocket inside is interesting b/c it’s a pocket but not really because it is open on both sides and the actual pocket is a sewn in soaker pad/insert. I slipped a medium joey bunz in the pocket. I like how trim this is for a fitted. certainly not as trim as the bamboozle but the next trimmest for sure. it fit really nicely and didn’t seem bulky. was able to put it on the middle rise snap down. covered with the thirsties duo wrap in snaps. really don’t care for the snap closure on the wrap, hard to get a good fit. nervous yet again for the lack of bamboo in this diaper.

unfortunately this diaper was no good! Baby M seemed uncomfortable like all night. He just seemed like something was bothering him. He was up from 1- 3 am and ate at that time. Just didn’t want to be put down for some reason! then at 5:30 am he was screaming!! went to him and he was soaked, sleep sack, pjs, diaper, sheets, everything. So glad this wasn’t the first fitted I tried b/c I would have been so upset! well at least 4 out of 5 fitteds I picked up to trial worked! now to try them all again!! (minus the thirsties for sure!)

joey bunz hemparoo inserts – these are great for SO many things!!! I use a medium sized one every night in Baby M’s fitted diaper for extra absorbency and insurance! they are great right next to his skin. he wakes up with beautiful clear skin every morning despite being in a wet diaper for 12 hours! I also use them for naps just to be safe! I prefer the medium size for now.  I did get one in size large – and it is also the premium two layer version, I am not crazy about the large size nor the two layer premium version. Just too big for Baby M at this point. I use it though when all the others are dirty.

Everything you need to cloth diaper

So you want to get started with cloth diapering?

What do you need?!

Diapers – usually about 24 to be able to wash every other day, more if you want to push it to every 3rd day, but you shouldn’t go longer than that w/o washing. If you are using a diaper that requires a cover or an AI2 system, you need about 4 – 6 covers depending on the age of your child, per day! newer babies need more than older babies, b/c they just poop so much! my personal favorite is an AI2 system.

Fleece and/or Disposable Liners – these are in case you need to use non CD safe cream. Or maybe you want to make stains less likely and poop easier to clean once baby starts solid foods. I use them in night time diapers since mine are not stay dry but some people use one in every diaper. you can use fleece liners inside a diaper that doesn’t have a “stay dry” layer to make it stay dry! (I’ve used the bummis fleece liners and the bummis bio-soft flushable liners)

Extra inserts/doublers – a lot of little ones need a little extra ooomph to their diapers for night time and/or naps. Hemp and Bamboo are super absorbant and make good inserts/doublers. (I use the joey bunz hemparoo inserts for night time, for naps I don’t need anything)

Cloth Wipes – I have about 45 I think. I keep them folded in half  in one of the disposable wipes box without a cover on it. wipe warmers are NOT necessary and actually have been said to be a breeding ground for bacteria! (I use the Imse Vimse Flannelette Washable Wipes)

Water Spray Bottle – with water in it to spray the wipes. Sometimes I add a wipe solution, but usually plain water works best for us! (I got my bottle at CVS and I’ve used the Bee Green Naturals Purely Clean Cubes and the Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion. There are also tons of recipes to make your own. Plain water just works best for us!)

CD Safe Rash and Rash Prevention Creams – We use Grandma El’s, CJs BUTTer, grovia magic stick and straight up coconut oil depending on what’s going on. But usually we use nothing except at night I always put a little grandma el’s.

Wet Bags and/or Pail Liners – some people choose to use a hanging wet bag in the nursery. Others get a diaper pail (usually one of those nice/fancy garbage cans) and use a pail liner. It is good to have 2 of what you use, that way you have one to use when the other is washing and it will also prevent excess wear and tear. We have 2 hanging planet wise wet bags. (update: my planetwise hanging bags after less than a year of use started to leak! one had holes all along the seams, the other just was ALWAYS wet on the outside. not cool! I got two large hanging bags from and they are amazing!!! much larger, hold more and seem to be very strong! I am really happy with them. plus they had a really cute sock monkey print which went perfect in the nursery)

Diaper Sprayer – for when solids are started. Some people go without this and just swish the diaper in the toilet. I couldn’t imagine living without my sprayer! (I have the mini shower). UPDATE – Jan 2013 – finally got a spray pal and OMG I am in love! this thing rocks!!!!!!!!! my kid has the worst poop, smooshy and so not ploppable. I can not even believe I have been cding for 21 months without the spray pal. I almost bought one a year ago and I am so kicking myself now!!!! seriously the thing is amazing. no more water splashing. no more poop spraying everywhere. plus now I can turn the sprayer way up so there is more force to get the gunk off the diaper. I am amazed. everyone who cloth diapers should have one.

Detergent – I have tried about a thousand diaper specific detergents (rockin green, ecosprout, crunchy clean, country save, tiny bubbles to name a few) and hated them!!! I either got detergent build up OR stinkies! I found that Planet works great and I was already buying it and using it on our clothes so that was a bonus! I get Planet at my local supermarket and it is eco-friendly. I use the rockin green magnectic laundry scoop to measure out the detergent. UPDATE – I started using Tide Ultra Original scent powder in Oct or Nov 2012. If you go with tide this is exactly what you need to get, the other scents are not safe, etc. read this: and this: I also add about 10 – 15 drops of GSE (grapefruit seed extract) to every wash as well. I really like this article and the explanation fo GSE, it also has tons of other info on how to disinfect diapers –

Drying Rack – I got mine at Target. It’s pretty good. I hang my covers and pocket dipes to dry. I can take this outside too which is nice.

For your diaper bag you need: (well this is what’s in mine)

2 medium wetbags (for when one is in the wash).

I use disposable wipes in my diaper bag but I used to carry around cloth wipes and just wet them at the restroom sink. I bought a planet wise wipes pouch but never use it. I like having disposable wipes while out and about b/c they can be used for so many other things other than for diapering. I usually buy the earth’s best brand.

I got a little sample jar of CJs BUTTer and just keep refilling it from my big jar and/or I carry the grovia magic stick. or a tube of grandma el’s.

cloth diaper reviews (diapers for day time)

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it seems this will be a constant work in process and updated frequently. I have a slight obsession with diapers, and apparently can not be 100% happy without  trying them all. I am on the quest to find that ONE perfect diaper!!!!! there are so many pros/cons for each style and type! Plus Baby M is just changing so much all the time and what works perfectly for a while then all of a sudden doesn’t. thank goodness there is such a great resale value on diapers and so many options for trials and awesome used return policies. I think my perfect diaper would have – adjustable leg elastic, snap closures, stay dry fleece lining, and probably an AIO or an AI2 vs a pocket. a one size would be nice. I am on the quest to find one!

here is my take on cloth diapering (cd’ing). there are two parts needed to diaper. #1 the absorbent part and #2 the waterproof part. some diapers have these parts all together some don’t and you put them together. It is as simple as that! some diapers come in one size (OS) meaning they will likely take you from birth to potty training (however not really! b/c most don’t fit well until 10+ lbs) and other diapers come in various sizes – x-small, small, med, large, x-large or just a two size system – size 1 and size 2.

before you read through my thousand reviews!!!!!!!!!!! let me cut to the chase. I love softbums, which are an AI2 diaper, they come in velcro and snaps, though I prefer the velcro. they make up 90% of my stash. I love and use tots bots bamboozles for night time, the absorbency is amazing. I have a few blueberry basix b/c they are a nice AIO with side snaps perfect for my little guy who loves to take off his velcro softbums when wearing just a diaper, plus they have really cute prints! I did love my tots bots easy fits but Baby M’s skin did NOT! they are an AIO similar to the basix but one size and velcro.

NEWBORN DIAPERS – they are oh so tiny!!! and I think really necessary. see my reviews and more info here. though I found softbums late in the game and they seem to truly be a one size diaper that will fit tiny newborns!! so I hope one day when I have another babe, they will work for us, and all I will need to get are the softbums newborn inserts.

FITTED DIAPERS/COVERS – basically a diaper you put on just like a disposable except it has no waterproof layer, so you then need to put a cover over it to make it waterproof. see my reviews and more info here.


an all in two is kinda cool and is the diaper I always wanted to go with. You have your outer shell which is the waterproof layer and then you have inserts that either lay in the shell or snap into the shell next to the babies skin. AI2 shells are made of PUL or TPU, some have just PUL on the inside (bestbottoms, flip), some have a mesh like material (grovia), some have fleece (softbums). Inserts come sized or one size and are made in various materials – cotton, organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, stay dry fleece with microfiber under, etc. the beauty of an AI2 is that you just need to change the insert and you can keep reusing the shell until it is soiled. it is a good idea with any shell/cover to rotate  it with another one throughout the day so it “airs” out in between changes. usually when a baby poops the shell gets soiled and can’t be used anymore. Shells cost way more than inserts and since an AI2 system uses more inserts than shells you can save even more money using this option! if you pre-snap or pre-lay in all the inserts into their shells, they are just like a disposable or AIO diaper. Also some AI2 diapers are called “hybrids” b/c they also have an option of a disposable and sometimes compostable insert.

CD review: grovia OS AI2

July 2011 – bought two of these before Baby M was born. my good friend L uses them exclusively and LOVES them! they have velcro closures. used a few times as covers for the NB kissaluvs and they worked great for this purpose, though they were a little big! poop never got out from inside the kissaluv so it never made it on to the inside of the shell which was great.

started to use the 2 velcro shells with their inserts. but I think they seem really bulky and too big on Baby M right now. not sure if they will always seem this way or if it will get better as he gets bigger. also every time he poops it gets on the inside of the shell. I kinda hoped that wouldn’t happen, but from what I’ve heard this is normal. the velcro is top notch especially compared to the thirsites velcro on those covers. the velcro always stays closed in the laundry and actually is kinda hard to open! it really sticks! the snaps are really nice and strong too. Baby M still needs it snapped all the way down to the smallest setting.

also have just a shell with snaps. I am still not sure if I am using the snaps right to close it. should watch a video or something and see! its the super cute new airplane print.

August 2011 – update – uh oh! baby M went poop and it leaked! grossssss. it didn’t leak out the cover near the leg it actually seemed to leak through the cover….. also the insert gets sooo bunched up in there which I think is part of the problem. if it wasn’t bunched and was laying flat maybe it wouldn’t have leaked. the insert was likely no longer covering the inner of the shell at the time… maybe if he was much bigger and not wearing the dipe snapped down this wouldn’t happen. but he isn’t going to be that big for quite sometime!

September 2011 – another update – still periodically using these! actually loving them lately now that Baby M no longer needs them snapped to the smallest size. he is just a little over 16lbs now.  I am still not crazy about the snap closure shell, can’t get the fit quite right, but do love the velcro ones.  going to give these a little bit more of a trial. since I only have two velcro shells and 2 inserts, I was able to get another shell and 3 more inserts from the diaper lab to try. we shall see! out of desperation one night I put the insert in a tots bots easy fit and Baby M actually didn’t leak, changed it at the 6 hour mark though. weird combo but hey I was desperate!

Jan 2012 – I gave up on these! I tried them periodically and they just didn’t fit Baby M right. too bulky in the crotch. I sold them off quick!!!

CD review – softbums echo (AI2/cover) and omni (AI2/pocket/cover)  OS

March 2012 – I have it for about 3 weeks via a trial. these diapers are REALLY cool. first the covers are lined with microfleece so only fleece touches skin not PUL (like best bottoms or flips). second they are OS and are known to fit even itty bitty babies! the echo can fit 6 – 35lbs and omni 7 – 40 I believe? so they fit babies sooner than most OS options do. the size is adjusted by elastics through the legs and toggles. like a drawstring bag. so no rise snaps. really cool and really unique! the differences between the echo and omni are that the echo is 1 inch narrower. the echo is just an AI2 or cover for other inserts/fitteds/prefolds whereas the omni does all that and has a flap opening to be stuffed like a pocket. there are just so many options here! they come in velcro or snaps. for now I only have one echo and one omni  both in snaps but I have 3 more omni’s on the way all with velcro. then the inserts that they sell are called pods. there is the stay dry aka opod – which is shaped like a traditional microfiber insert. it can be snapped on at the back end or stuffed in the pocket. it has fleece on one side for when it is next to babies skin. this is the only one I have right now. it has worked great so far. no leaks and a good fit. another option is the super stay dry which also snaps in on the back end, it is much longer than traditional inserts though and needs to be folded down to fit depending on the size your cover is adjusted to, (which also adds/doubles absorbency in the folded area) it can also be stuffed in the pocket and has fleece on top for when it is next to the skin. I have 6 of these coming soon to try! the third option is the bamboo organic cotton pod which is shaped just like the super dry touch, needs to be folded down. I have one coming to try! they also sell mini pods, stay dry and organic bamboo, to use as doublers or for the NB stage when the covers are small though those do not snap in(coming in snaps soon). so far I am really really really loving this system! love the great fit I can get on Baby M with the adjustable leg elastics! also it’s great to be able to have so many options with the omni cover. it also seems like this will fit Baby M for a LONG time and it can be adjusted really small to fit a second baby. seems almost too good to be true! an all in two system is really affordable as well since you only need a few covers which are the more costly part of a diaper.

have been using them for a week or so now and so far so good. I do think I prefer the omni over the echo, I think that extra inch in the crotch is helpful. though I hear the echo is better for NB’s because it is more narrow. the omni stuffed with the dry touch o-pod stood up to Baby M’s 2 hour belly sleeping nap  with no leaks! I am really liking the super dry touch pods, I feel like the longer length is helpful in the pod b/c it comes up higher in the shell. I also think it stays secure better and doesn’t shift, which can cause leaks. I am loving the shells with velcro! I do like the snap closure ones but the velcro ones help you get an even better more custom fit.

June 2012 – I have been using softbums exclusively for daytime! LOVE them. I wound up with 20 shells (7 are omni, the rest echo) all are in velcro. I just didn’t love the snap closure. the velcro is very nice and strong and is holding up well. I have 34 super dry touch pods! with this amount of shells and pods I wash every third day, and don’t even need to, but it isn’t good to go longer than that w/o washing. I do have a few opods and bamboos that I use occasionally and they work great, I just prefer the supers. I adjusted them all when I bought them and haven’t had to since. plus softbums puts out a new limited edition diaper every month, so I have been buying a new shell every now and then 🙂 I feel confident investing in them b/c #1 they will definitely fit Baby M until potty learning and #2 they will definitely fit a newbie babe whenever I have one. plus they work, all the time. no rash issues, no washing issues, no leak issues, no quality issues. they are great.

CD review – Best Bottom OS AI2

March 2012 – I have it for about 3 weeks via a trial. this diaper is pretty cool. the cover has double gussets which I always loved on the thirsites covers. it also has the nice elastic near the belly like the thirsties covers do too. it is OS but you have to buy the inserts sized which is both good and bad. the inserts snap in on both ends and there are several options. I got them in size large. one in stay dry and one in hemp/organic cotton. they also have overnight inserts and doublers. was able to snap down the rise which is great! means it has the potential to fit longer. they also sell waist extender tabs. I definitely prefer the stay dry to the hemp b/c it keeps his skin dry and I think it is important for his skin (so prone to rashes!). it fits really nicely, except after it’s on a bit the cover kind of sinks down fold over and under the top of the insert. it doesn’t do any harm as far as I can tell. I don’t like that the exposed areas of the inside of the cover are just straight PUL next to his skin. it seems like all other AI2 diapers have some sort of fleece or mesh to protect babies skin. it hasn’t leaked at all. the insert does get quite bunched in the crotch area it seems which I do not like. spraying poop off the inside of the shell is annoying b/c of the material the diaper sprayer bounces off of it and causes splashes, yuuuuck! the giraffe print is so darn cute though! I know that when the trial is over this diaper is going back, though I am glad I got to try it! I have experimented snapping the inserts into the softbums shell and they work ok in there but I worry that the hourglass  shape would cause leaks around the legs in non best bottom shells.


all in one’s are the closest cloth diaper to disposable diapers. the waterproof layer and absorbent layer and together in one piece and not separate. so all you need to do usually is just simply put in on and take it off your baby just like a disposable! however because all of the absorbency is sewn to the waterproof layer you can’t separate them. they take longer to dry than any other kind of cloth diaper. usually you can preserve the life of the waterproof layer (PUL or TPU) but not drying it in the dryer but with an AIO you just have to dry it in the dryer or you would be waiting DAYS for it to dry! some brands have made AIO’s with semi detached inserts so they wash and dry easier and faster.

CD review: grovia OS AIO

July 2011 – we only have it for 2 weeks – part of the “experiment to own program” from the diaper lab.

1st use – couldn’t remember if I should use both inserts or not. so I used both (you don’t have to actually, it’s meant as a doubler). It fit Baby M well on the lowest snap down. and the insert didn’t need to fold much (like the AI2 ones do). had to use the second to tightest snaps on both sides. at first I thought the side snaps were a little weird, but once I figured out what I was doing I kinda like the side snaps! the owl print is freaking adorable! it is very trim and fits Baby M’s skinny legs really well! the snaps all feel really sturdy, as I expected from using the AI2’s before. overall so far I really like it. the cotton inside is super soft, the outside is well made. he only peed in it so I am curious to try it out and see how poop does. I believe he had it on for about 3 hours or so? what was interesting is that the insert thing was wet but the rest wasn’t, which is nice. washing is a breeze because the insert is attached. if you use the doubler that snaps on I imagine it’s best to unsnap it, which is what I did.

2nd use – hmmmmmmmm I am thinking I don’t like the insert thing. it gets all folded and bunchy. looks like it can be really uncomfortable on Baby M’s little manly parts. I also worry that b/c it is so nice and trim it won’t fit as long as others would? if by some miraculousness he gets chunky all of a sudden.

CD review: tots bots easy fit OS AIO/pocket

July 2011 – we only have it for 2 weeks – part of the “experiment to own program” from the diaper lab.

1st use – this one is really interesting because it’s a pocket and AIO in a way. the insert is attached, looks kinda like a tongue. you then fold the insert into the pocket. the inside of the diaper is super super soft and cushy feeling bamboo. the velcro is really wide and strong. it stayed attached to the laundry tabs which was great.  this diaper seemed to absorb a lot! I left in on for a long time by accident. Baby M peed and pooped in this. no leaks or blowouts. it fits really nice and trim without a lot of fluff. plus you could always add stuff to the pocket if needed. Baby M never complains about being wet and I know his kissaluvs must feel sopping wet. they are like little towels!! But I’ve read that sometimes older babies will wake up/complain about the wetness. I did read that this could be fixed by using a reusable fleece liner. I got the cherry print which is quite girly! the diaper seems really well made and sturdy. it’s not made in China. and it’s made with as little chemicals as possible, etc.

2nd use – still really loving this! love the fit. trimmest pocket diaper so far. and trimmest AIO if you want to count it as one other than the grovia AIO. sad it only comes in velcro. but the velcro is top notch. I think I’d like to have a mix of velcro and snaps. drawback might be that it’s more costly than others. I like the bum genius 4.0 so far and while it isn’t as trim as the tots bots, it is certainly cheaper and has more options for colors/snaps/etc.

September 2011 – update – have 10 of these I think and have been using them consistently for a little over a month. no complaints really! not leaking. already  moved to the middle snap. staying clean. not giving Baby M rashes. take a while to line dry so I mostly but them in the dryer but worry about that long term on the aplix. the pocket is a little of a PITA to stuff, but at least it is attached and you don’t need to unstuff prior to washing. take up a good amount of room in the diaper drawer and bag though. but not super bulky on baby M. I do love them, but wonder if there isn’t a better option out there?!

October 2011 – wound up investing in A LOT of tots bots easy fits, and they are the only diaper we use for day time now. 28 in total! 6 bought used, and the others were mostly purchased on sale or with coupons/gift certificates/etc. loving these diapers! I did wind up with about 9 of the newer version which basically has softer feeling PUL on the outside. also the PUL is stickier on the inside. Supposedly the velcro is softer as well against babies’ tummy. some people love the new version/some people hate it. doesn’t seem different to me either way. I do have 3 or 4 with the older velcro, only difference is that one of the tabs does not have the ability to have velcro stuck to the top of it for a really small baby if you needed to crossover you could only do it on one side, rather than have your choice of either side. it doesn’t make any difference in the function of the diaper. it’s so weird that I purchased all of them in Sept and Oct and got some of the oldest version, older version and newest version depending on color and store selection. just happened to be a time of transition!

November 2011 – worked over a month with Bummis to get 7 of the newer PUL easy fits replaced. when they arrived to me I didn’t realize the leg elastic was significantly longer in comparison to all the other easy fits I had. it seemed really loose. they agreed and they were all replaced! apparently there was a mishap where some got longer elastic.

January 2012 – been having a tough time because I think the easy fits no longer fit Baby M!!! he became very mobile in Dec. crawling, standing, cruising along the furniture. I think even with the diaper all the way unsnapped the rise just hits in a funny spot and the thighs are just too tight. he is getting a very bad chafing/rubbing rash/redness outside the diaper from where the outside of the diaper rubs on his thighs. plus also in the area of the leg elastic b/c I think it is too tight. it’s not a detergent or washing issue because his night time diapers are totally fine and not causing issues and those are touching his skin full of pee for 12 hrs straight! for now we are going to stop using them and are seeking out alternatives 😦 turns out this thin strip of lining inside the diaper close to the legs is SUEDE CLOTH! I had no idea. Baby M had a horrible reaction to the suede cloth lining in the bum genius diapers. the diaper lab thinks that once Baby M became so mobile that thin strip of suede cloth in them just irritated his skin. I had to sell them all 😦 but did really well on the resale value!

CD review: bum genius elementals OS AIO

July 2011 – we only have it for 2 weeks – part of the “experiment to own program” from the diaper lab.

1st use – love that these are a real AIO.  took a little longer to dry than the others. not as trim as grovia AIO and AI2 or tots bots. more bulky. the rise even on the smallest snap down is higher as well. Baby  M had a huge pee and poop and nothing leaked out! nice that the cotton is super soft and organic.

2nd use- despite the previous huge poop, it isn’t stained! which is weird b/c I read these stain badly! I think that I like everything about this diaper except for the sewn in insert. it is so big and bulky. today it had managed to bend in a certain way and bunch up that when I took it off Baby M his little manly parts where red and looked like they were squished in a weird position by the insert. he’s all better now! but b/c of this I am leaning towards a NO for this one. too bad though b/c prior to this episode I really was liking it!

CD review – the new thirsties duo AIO (comes in two sizes)

March 2012 – I have it for about 3 weeks via a trial. so far I like this diaper. however I am not sure on the fit and how long it will fit for! it says 18 – 40 lbs I believe. it is snapped down to the medium rise setting, so it will fit in the rise a while but it is snapped pretty open on the waist, so I am afraid Baby M will outgrow it there at some point, but maybe I am wrong. this diaper has a neat concept because it has an opening or pocket almost behind the absorbent layer, so if you needed to you could add something behind it. it also has a stay dry fleece lining on the inside which is kind of hard to come by in an all in one. however I feel like there should be more of a fleece layer on the actual wet zone. these take FOREVER to dry. even longer than my overnight fitted diapers! insane. so that alone turns me off to it. I have to turn it inside out after all my other diapers are dry and then continue to run it through the dryer again. it is a really cool concept for an AIO and it seems to work great so far! eeeek there is a thirsties sale and I just bought TWO more of them and am contemplating getting two more. I like having some AIO’s around! they are just so darn easy to put on. makes a great diaper for the diaper bag. update: I returned them all….. I just didn’t like how long they took to dry. plus they didn’t seem like they would truly fit until potty learning.

CD review – blueberry basix AIO – size large

March 2012 – I have it for about 3 weeks via a trial. this diaper is really nice! it is similar to the tots bots easy fits that worked for us for quite sometime. it is an AIO – yet to help with dry time and to allow added absorbency it has a pocket. they insert is attached at one end so it agitates out in the wash on it’s own = no touching dirty inserts/diapers to separate the two, which is one of my peeves with pocket diapers. the pocket is open on both ends!!! the insert is microfiber. the lining of the diaper is fleece. the insert stays in very nice, with no bunching. this diaper is sized so there are no options for adjustment other than being able to snap the waist snaps tighter/looser. it is a side snap closure diaper. there are only three rows of snaps on either hip. I was able to close it on the tightest setting. but that leaves only two more options for sizes yet the rise on this diaper which is perfect right now I feel like may become too low in a short amount of time as Baby M grows. he is quite tall for his age already. the size large is for babies 22 – 35 lbs. I really really like this diaper so far, but I think the fact that it is “sized” makes it not a smart investment b/c #1 he may outgrow it before potty training leading us to need to purchase the next size/a different diaper and #2 it won’t be able to be used again for a second baby until that baby fits in that size. that is why the one size diapers really appeal to me as most fit 8 – 35+ lbs. I wish it was OS. I love the attached insert and the fleece inner. the fit is perfect right now! and the monkey print is adorable!!!! not sure if I will buy these or not.  I kinda want to keep it though b/c I just love how cute it is, tempted to buy their dino print too. it’s great to have some AIO’s around anyway. July 2012 – I finally bought some!! mostly b/c I think they are the perfect diaper to wear alone w/o any clothes. the side snaps prevent Baby M from taking it off and running around naked! plus the monkey, dino and cow prints are just so darn cute!! I do wonder though, I haven’t used one since the trial in March, and I remember back then the rise seemed short and I was on the middle to largest snap for closure. the larges I just got seem MUCH bigger! they are on the smallest snap closure and come up way higher in the rise. I think I may have had a medium for the trial?!?!?! the larges I have will definitely fit until potty learning. plus if I have another baby sometime in the near future, and will have 2 in cloth, the large size diapers just for Baby M will come in handy since I will need to use my smaller OS diapers primarily for the new baby (though I could just get more of those, I already have doubles of some of those prints/colors, LOL!)


pocket diapers are what make up the majority I think of cloth diapers out there right now. the waterproof shell has a pocket on the inside in which you stuff with an absorbent insert. one the baby has gone to the bathroom you have to remove the insert from the pocket in order to wash it. then when they are clean you need to re-stuff them so they are ready to use again. you could of course stuff them as needed as well. the beauty of the pocket is that you can customize your absorbency and put whatever you want/need in it. some put 2 or 3 inserts in there for over night or for a heavy wetter. you can use a mix of types of fabrics such as microfiber and hemp, since microfiber absorbs fast but then hemp holds a lot! the layer inside the pocket next to your baby is usually stay dry microfleece or suedecloth. a few brands make them with just natural cotton. the shells can line dry and dry quick and the inserts can be washed really well since the water touches all the surface areas. once stuffed they are just like an AIO and a disposable diaper. I do NOT like pocket diapers. the act of un-stuffing dirty ones and then re-stuffing clean ones is a huge PITA. plus I feel that the insert always bunches too much in between the legs and therefore causes leaks.

CD review: fuzzibunz OS pocket

July 2011 – we only have it for 2 weeks – part of the “experiment to own program” from the diaper lab.

1st use – I really didn’t think I was going to like this diaper. it took awhile to figure out what setting to put the adjustable waist and leg elastics at. Of course after the fact I read the packaging which has a size guide on it. Duh! but I had set it at the right size, so that was good (#4). I only used the smaller insert in it but it is nice that it comes with an additional larger insert. the pocket opening is a bit loose which worried me for some reason. what stumped me with closing the diaper was the snaps. there seems to be a lot of snaps but you can’t really use them all I think. it took me a while but I finally figure out how to snap it closed while making sure it was even. it fit Baby M pretty well. he only peed in it though. what I found really cool was that the fleece layer that touches the baby isn’t wet, yet the insert once you pull it out is super wet! since I’ve been using kissaluvs on him and this was my first experience really with fleece I had no idea this would happen. At first I thought he hadn’t gone to the bathroom.  it was super easy to wash/dry.

2nd use – when stuffing it out of the dryer, I realized the insert isn’t laying as flat as I would like inside the dipe. seems like its going to bunch up. it wasn’t like this at first but I think that is b/c I had the insert in while the dipe was fully expanded and then adjusted the leg elastics, etc. so not that it is smaller the insert is harder to get in and get it to lay right. that is a pain. I am not going to undo the elastics everytime to then stuff them and redo the elastics again. I’m not crazy about the elastic adjustment feature anyhows – nor am I a fan of the snap configuration on these. bum genius 4.o seems to be basically the same diaper as this fuzzibunz one – same kinda concept/inner lining/pocket/etc. but the bum genius is better because the snaps are better and there is no adjustable leg elastic things.

Jan 2012 – can’t believe I am back to the fuzzibunz OS! borrowed 2 shells from my good friend L. I used thirsites hemp/cotton inserts in them. I liked being able to adjust the leg elastics and am able to get a really good fit on him. he really needs a more customized fit. I decided to buy a few more so I had enough for a day or so of use. they don’t sell them anymore, they updated them and now call them fuzzibunz elite. the elites are essentially the same diaper except – the elastics are completely covered now and the buttons you use to adjust them are hidden as well, all inside the pocket. they are a bit more narrow all around especially in the crotch and they come with minky soft inserts instead of the traditional microfiber. these fit Baby M amazing!! BUT there is a lot of discrepancy in them. I spoke with fuzzibunz extensively about it. about half of them came with very very narrow inserts. so narrow they didn’t fit the entire pocket seam to seam, which caused leaks around the legs from the lack of absorbent material there! the rest of them came with inserts that were almost too wide! they fit very tight and could not lay flat b/c of the extra width. these actually leaked less than the narrow ones but still caused leaks b/c they would bunch and roll a lot. the narrowness of the crotch which made the diaper fit so well was also a hindrance though b/c no matter what insert I tried in them it just seemed too wide. fuzzibunz at first seemed to say that the narrow inserts were wrong and offered to replace them. they said that when the elites first came out they were sent out with the wrong sized inserts. I received replacement inserts for the narrow inserts, but those too were the same narrow ones! after talking with them more – they then said it was the wide ones that were wrong, not the narrow ones. and sent more narrow ones! I luckily had purchased these diapers knowing I had the option to return them at the 30 day mark if I did not like them. I did learn that I love a microfleece lining. it is perfect for Baby M’s skin! kept him rash free and so nice and dry. I love the concept of a diaper without rise snaps on the outside providing a clean look. also loved the ability to adjust the legs and waist so much! but sadly the insert issue just was too much and just couldn’t trust that they wouldn’t leak b/c they did so many times 😦 fuzzibunz customer service I must say though is OUTSTANDING! and their lifetime warranty is the only of it’s kind right now! I considering buying some of the old style OS used, but I do not like the exposed elastic and buttons on the inside at all! they really make a deep mark on Baby M’s skin and he is so sensitive! one thing I don’t care for in both the old and new elite styles is that fact that the pocket opening doesn’t have a flap. pocket diapers really need a flap! it prevents the elastic/PUL layer from touching the baby and cutting into the skin.

CD review: fuzzibunz perfect size – size medium – pocket

Jan 2012- can’t really review this! I bought it, tried it on Baby M with a barrier between him and the diaper. it is way TOO BIG! even though it says it fits 15- 30lbs and he is around 23 lbs, it was gaping big around the legs, I could see right into the diaper! even with the waist snaps closed the tightest they would go! weird! so I am contemplating selling it vs. holding on to it until it fits?!

CD review: swaddlebees econappi OS pocket

July 2011 – we only have it for 2 weeks – part of the “experiment to own program” from the diaper lab.

1st use – not as trim as grovia AIO or tots bots. more bulky. the rise even on the smallest snap down is higher as well. the inside is so luxurious. comes with two inserts. one of which is super long and can snap into different sizes. not sure I am sold on this one. I thought I would really like it – but I think it’s the insert that is questionable. seems like it could bunch up. plus these are SUPER expensive!

CD review: bum genius 4.0 OS pocket

July 2011 – we only have it for 2 weeks – part of the “experiment to own program” from the diaper lab.

1st use – not as trim as grovia AIO or tots bots. more bulky. the rise even on the smallest snap down is higher as well.

2nd use- I think I am really liking this dipe! put it on Baby M in the middle of the night. left it on probably for 6+ hours. he only peed in it but no leaks, etc. the lining stayed nice and dry, though the insert was super wet! using it on the smallest snap down. it has velcro which seems really sturdy and stayed fastened to the laundry tabs during the wash. comes in snaps too, which I have in the elemental I’m trying. not sure which I prefer…. so far I think it’s the 2nd trimmest pocket diaper. still using it only with the infant insert.

September 2011 – Update  – I wound up buying 12 of these as there was a buy 5 get one free sale. however after less than a month of use I came to the conclusion that they were causing a rash for Baby M. turns out some kids are very sensitive to the suede cloth inner on these diapers. also the stuffing of the pocket and unstuffing as well was getting to be quite time consuming and annoying!!!!!!!! also as Baby M got chunkier it was harder to get a good fit. sometimes they would leak, sometimes they wouldn’t. I was using both the reg insert and NB insert at times. at night I needed to use both plus an additional NB insert and was still getting leaks in random spots – came to find out they are called compression leaks from the fluid being squished. I wound up selling them all on craigslist and made back most of my $$$$ which is great!

CD review: rumparooz OS pocket

July 2011 – we only have it for 2 weeks – part of the “experiment to own program” from the diaper lab.

1st use – not as trim as grovia AIO and AI2 or tots bots. more bulky. the rise even on the smallest snap down is higher as well. thick fleece. stayed dry. insert was pretty wet but didn’t leak, etc. love the color choices. seemed really bulky though and I thought it looked like it was hot. I felt like I would be sweating if I was wearing it, LOL. it is really similar to the lil joeys. which are the same, sans the pocket and much much smaller. we had 4 of the lil joeys, but we only got to use them about 2 weeks. they were super conveinent during that newborn time though, stains came right out and never leaked.

2nd use – has the same amount of snaps as the bum genius dipes I believe! but I have to snap the bum genius ones tighter than these. which makes me think the bum genius will last longer size wise? I realized today that these fit awesome in the back and legs. but in the front at the top/waist part it gaps out. like you can peer down into the diaper. weird! it’s so bulky there and it’s bound to leak from there I think?? we’ll see!

CD review: thristies duo diaper (comes in two sizes/pocket)

July 2011 – we only have it for 2 weeks – part of the “experiment to own program” from the diaper lab.

1st use – eh it’s OK. I knew I wouldn’t be crazy about it since we’ve been using the thirsties duo wraps as covers now for the kissaluvs. this is the same as the cover but it has a fleece inside and a pocket. the pocket is open on both sides. which is different than other pockets. not sure about it, since it seems it could leak. but it didn’t and I haven’t had issues with leaks with the wraps either. the leg gussets are really great, one of the reasons I do like it. my big gripe with it is the velcro. it’s flimsy. and the snaps also flimsy. the insert was nice. thin, two layer, snapped together. I really like it. plus this is a sized diaper so it won’t last all the way to potty training. and even though Matteo is only around 11 lbs I think, he is already not able to wear it snapped down to the smaller size. so the rise is looking pretty low on him, maybe because he is skinny and tall? seriously I love thirsties customer service, and the concept of the products but they just seem so flimsy!

CD review – oh Katy! OS pocket

March 2012 – I have it for about 3 weeks via a trial. not sure why I picked it! I really don’t think pockets are the way to go for us. But anyway, this is a pocket but it has some nice unique features. the pocket opening is in the front rather than the back, it also has a nice flap covering. it is really easy to stuff. the elastic along the back fits really well! there is some room to grow in these but I wasn’t able to snap the rise down at all. I got a pretty good fit on Baby M with the snap closures. so I think the rise runs a bit low. it is a really well designed pocket, one of the best I’ve seen. However it is much smaller than the other OS pockets out there.


I haven’t actually used prefolds or flats. These are the “old school” diapers! but they seem pretty cool. I am sure they have been improved. these diapers are just big squares of fabric. and you fold them and secure them with pins or a cool thing called a snappi or boingo, which are way safer and easier than pins. then of course they need a waterproof cover to go over them. there are TONS of different ways to fold these diapers to fit and to best suit your needs and your baby. a lot of people use these as inserts for pocket diapers or AI2’s as well. yet others use them as burp clothes. they are probably one of the easiest diapers to take care of and keep clean/get clean. oh and they are CHEAP!!! money wise that is. the quality is usually very good!! maybe if I am brave one day I will try some out. I was so close to doing it when Baby M was a newborn b/c I learned that prefolds fit newborns exceptionally well and are an easy investment since they don’t cost a lot and your baby won’t wear them that long. green mountain diapers were the ones I would have went with!

cloth diaper reviews (newborn stage)

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kissaluvs fitted size 0

been using these most of Baby M’s life. did the first week, then had to take a break for a little while because of his awful diaper rash d/t MSPI. needed to use lots of creams to heal it which weren’t CD safe. we have 24 of these, we rented them from top to bottom baby boutique. the rental was for 3 months but since Baby M is so skinny in the legs and wasn’t fitting well into the other diapers we have (grovia AI2) we decided to rent for an additional month.

these fit well right away. used the snap down for the umbilical cord in the beginning. used the snaps closest to the middle snap (the one for the cord snap) for most of the time. we were just able to move to the outer snaps a week or so ago. which was well over 10 1/2 lbs and 3+ months old.  these work basically like a towel. they fit great and absorb everything. I am amazed at how heavy and wet they get. Baby M never complains about a dirty diaper, ever. which is weird! these wash up really nice. and the stains sun out completely! they are all the natural color. the only draw back is you have to use a cover with these. never had any problems with leaks, but I think that’s because of the cover. these are pretty trim for having to be a two layer system. definitely thinner than some AIOs/pockets I’ve tried. all in all a great newborn diaper. I don’t have much to compare it to though. when I said to Chris that the next stage of diapers would be easier than these he said “really? they are already so easy, what’s hard about them”.

thirsties duo wraps size 1

we have 4 of these. using these over the kissaluvs for quite a few months now. love the leg gussets which I think are responsible for preventing leaks/blowouts. which I’ve never had! we stopped using the snap down at least a month ago. but in the beginning the snap down was definitely needed. the major downfalls in this diaper are the velcro. they never stay closed to the laundry tabs, which has resulted in a lot of damage to the velcro. it’s pilly and frayed. it still works though. on one of the covers the actual strip of velcro is quite damaged. lots of pulls and pilly. hard to describe. but it’s like threads of the velcro are pulling off each time you use it. also on another one of the diapers the white part on the outer leg gusset is looking really pilly and frayed. thirsties customer service is great. initially I had a problem with one of the snaps.  it wouldn’t stay snapped down. they sent me out a new cover quickly with instructions and an envelope to send back the damaged one. its nice that these are made in the USA. the snaps aren’t as strong though as any other snaps I’ve come across. they are quite weak and often the snapped down part would unsnap just by trying to diaper a squirmy baby. there are a few other newborn sized covers out there that get great reviews I know the bummis covers get awesome feedback, I might try those with the next baby 🙂

rumparooz lil joey

I only had 4 of these and they didn’t fit very long. they are so cute and so tiny! these diapers would make anyone A) want to have a baby and B) want to cloth diaper! the prints are super cute too! they are a  little AIO (all in one) which is great for out and about, so you don’t have to worry about the separate fitteds and covers for the newborn phase.  we used them mainly for the diaper bag. they have a snap down for the cord which is great those first few days/week.

Cloth Diaper plans for after Baby M is no longer a newborn!

I have the whole newborn phase planned out I think!

For after, well right before needing to transition to bigger diapers, I am planning on hitting up the Diaper Lab in Somerville. So lucky to have an awesome cloth diaper store locally! They have a great experiment to own program. check out the details below – copied from their site! the only hard part will be choosing the 8 diapers I want to try, there are SO many I am interested in.

“Interested in cloth diapers but not sure you’re ready to make the investment? Wondering if there are other brands or styles which will work for you? Try our “Experiment to Own” program!

At Diaper Lab, we want to be certain that families find the cloth diapering solution which fits their baby and their lifestyle. We know it is a big commitment, and we want everyone to discover what diapers work best before making the full investment. That’s why we came up with our “Experiment to Own” program.

For a rental fee of $35, you can try any 8 diapers from our store. Mix and match prefolds, fitteds, covers, pockets, and all-in-one diapers as well as brands. “Experiment” with the diapers for two weeks and at the end of the trial period, keep the diapers you like, and return the rest to Diaper Lab. Pay only for the diapers you choose to keep, and if you purchase more than $75 when you return your program, you will get a $15 credit!

Experiment to Own Package Includes:

  • Your choice of 8 new diapers (from available colors, sizes, & brands)
  • Your choice of inserts (hemp or microfiber) for any pocket diapers
  • Your choice of 2 hemp doublers
  • 1 Pail liner (if needed)
  • Samples of cloth diaper laundry detergent(s)
  • Coupon for $15 off any purchase over $75 when you return your program

Work with Diaper Lab staff to choose the eight diapers you would like to try from available products in stock.  Once you have selected the diapers you will be trying, you will be charged the $35 rental fee, and your credit card will be held on file. Use the diapers for two weeks and wash using the laundry soap provided. At the end of two weeks, keep the diapers you wish to purchase and return the diapers you no longer want. If you purchase more than $75 on the day you return your program, you also get a $15 credit!

All diapers, inserts, doublers, and pail liners must be returned clean and freshly laundered. A $20 fee will be assessed for each item returned dirty. Diapers must be returned to our store location or be postmarked and shipped by the due date on your receipt. Normal use, wear, and staining on returned diapers is acceptable, but a replacement fee will be assessed for any unusually harsh treatment of the returned diapers and accessories.

The Experiment to Own Program is currently available to our retail customers only, though we will be looking to expand online in the future.”

Diaper Junction also has a very cool program. You can take a “30 day test drive”! I will definitely take advantage of this as well, since the diaper lab doesn’t carry all the dipes I am interested in trying. details below copied from their site.

Try any or all of the cloth diapers listed on this page. They are available for you to test drive absolutely RISK FREE. Each of the cloth diapers, cloth diaper packages, and cloth diaper kits below are eligible for return within 30 days of receipt for your MONEY BACK if you are not completely satisfied.

Another great option is Jillian’s Drawers try cloth for $10 program.

info below copied from their site!

“The best introduction to cloth diapers on the web since 2005!  Try a great variety of popular, trusted, NEW cloth diapers for only $10!

Step 1: Pay a deposit of $147.94. (Decide to keep the diapers after the trial? We’ll refund you $10!)
Step 2: Try all the diapers.  Wash them, use them, fall in love with cloth diapering!
Step 3: Mail the diapers back to us after using them for 21 days. (Yes, the 21 days starts when you receive the package, not with your order date!)
Step 4: Receive a refund of $137.94, regardless of whether the diapers are stained or not. This is not a store credit, but an actual refund!
And… receive Free Shipping on your next order (to orders within the US).

Please note that if we make substitutions for diapers, the total price may vary by $5 more or less than $147.94.”

some of the diapers I want to try:
motherease sandys
fuzzi bunz one size and perfect size
best bottoms
bum genius 4.0 and AIOs
sustainable babyish
happy heiny’s

green baby: cloth diapering resources

Cloth Diapering

getting started/resources/cloth diaper 101

selling/buying used



websites/stores to buy from (also tons of great info)