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CSA pick up 9/12/14

I’ve really gotten bad about recording what is available at the CSA each week! our old CSA used to send an email so it was easy to copy and paste! I can go back and see what our new farm posts on Facebook but usually there is a lot more available at pick up then what is listed on FB.

this week I got:

3 red peppers

I think 3 lbs of beautiful roma tomatoes

3 small butternut squashes

2 green peppers




I think that is all that I picked! the tomatoes alone were 9 of my 22.5 points but I am pretty sure I am forgetting something!

on their FB they listed:

Sweet Corn (.6pt/ear), Heirloom tomatoes ( 3 pt per/lb) 10 pounds (for 15 pt), Green peppers (2.5pt/ lb), Oriental Eggplant (3pt/lb), Carrots (1.25pt/lb), Red and White Potatoes (1pt/lb), Spaghetti squash (1pt/lb), buttercup winter squash ( 1pt/lb), Butternut Squash (1.5pt/lb), Kale (3pt/bu), Romaine lettuce (2p/head), Green leaf lettuce (2pt/head), Radish (1pt/lb), Regular cucumbers (1pt/each), Radish (2pt/lb), Raspberries (5pt/lb), Green Beans (3pt/lb), and Very Large heads of Cabbage (4pt/each).


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