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CSA 8/28/14

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For the week of August 28th we have following: Heirloom tomatoes ( 3 pt per/lb) 10 pounds (for 15 pt), cherry tomatoes (3pt/pint), green peppers ( 2.5pt/lb), carrots ( 1.25pt/ lb), potatoes (1.25pt/lb), onions (1pt/lb), Raspberries( 5pt/pint), 3pt/half pint), Romaine lettuce (2pt/head), green leaf lettuce ( 2pt/head), Boston lettuce (2pt/ bunch), jalapeño peppers (.25pt/ each), Winterbor Kale (3pt/bunch), Red Russian Kale ( 3pt/bunch), Cantaloupe (5 points each), Spaghetti squash ( 1pt/lb), Collard greens ( 2pt/bunch), Basil (3pt/bunch) and regular cucumbers ( 1pt/each).


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