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csa week of 8/1/14

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Cherry tomatoes


Persian Cucumbers


Zucchini, Cousa and Patty Pan


I forget what else was there!

Hi CSA members, This week (July 31- August 2) we have the following available, Sweet Corn (.6pt/ear), Cousa Squash (1.5/lb), Patty Pan Squash (1.5pt/lb), Zucchini (1.5 pt/lb), Yellow Squash (1.5 pt/lb), Regular Cucumber (1pt/each), Pickling Cucumber (1.5 pt/lb), Persian Cucumber (2pt/lb), Spinach ( 3pt/ bunch), Cabbage (4pt/head), romaine and green leaf lettuce (2pt/head), Blueberries ( 5pt/ pint), Kale (3pt/bunch), Basil and Purple Basil ( 3pt/bunch), and Chives (2pt/bunch).

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