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homemade coconut milk

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I followed this recipe by Crunchy Betty. I bought this organic unsweetened shredded coconut from whole foods.

I think it tastes great!! But Matteo wouldn’t drink it. I think it was a tiny bit gritty, so next time I will try straining it in a nut milk bag instead of the fine mesh sieve like the recipe called for. it is definitely thinner/more watery than the store bought so I wonder if that is bothering him. also I only added a very very tiny amount of honey which I am sure is part of the issue as well. he probably wants it sweeter because that is what he is used to. he did drink it in his fruit smoothie though no problem!

I am also going to try making coconut milk using store bought canned coconut milk like in this recipe for coconut milk tonic form the nourishing gourmetnative forest and natural value canned coconut milk are the only ones that don’t have BPA in the cans supposedly. oh and I won’t add the calcium powder like the recipe says…..

I would like to try to stay away from store bought boxed coconut milk b/c of Carrageenan. that stuff is in everything. it is in some of the almond milks as well as in all the almond and coconut milk yogurts. it is NOT in the canned coconut milks though, well at least not in the native forest, trader joes or the whole foods brand.


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