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csa 2012 week 8

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What’s in the Share?

“Red Gold” potatoes, 2 pounds. 

mmmm breakfast potatoes

Hoop house tomatoes, 1 ½ pounds. 

Celery, a bunch. 

Laura kept the celery I got the patty pan squash

“Chioggia” beets, a bunch. 

swapped for more summer squash

Sweet corn, 8 ears. 

Cucumbers, three.

some combo of this raita and this raita to go with the punjabi eggplant below

Dill, a small bunch.

swapped for more onions

Yellow squash, 1 pound.

pasta with summer squash, sausage and goat cheese

Patty pan squash, 1 pound. 

oatmeal summer squash muffins???

Lettuce, one head.

Laura kept and I got the eggplants

Green peppers, two pieces. 

already eaten in a salad

Asian eggplant, two pieces.

slow cooker punjabi eggplant with potatoes



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