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csa 2012 week 7

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What’s in the Share?

Zucchini, 3 pounds. 

hmmmm SO many options. I am thinking zucchini bread or muffins for sure. then maybe some stuffed zucchini as well?!

Patty pan squash, one or two pieces. 

roasted veggie pasta? uses the tomatoes too. I found a lot of yummy sounding recipes for stuffed patty pan’s but mine are way too small for that. will have get some bigger ones!

Fennel, two pieces. 

traded for more zucchini!

Cucumbers, five pieces. 


Dill, a small bunch.

traded for more patty pan squash!

Carrots, a bunch. 

maybe some can go in the thai basil dish?

Scallions, a big bunch.

made maple syrup carrots

Lettuce, one head. A nice summer variety, “Red Tide”.

salad, salad, maybe a salad wrap

Swiss chard, a bunch.

traded for more lettuce!

Thai basil, a bunch. 

thai basil chicken –  this or this or this

Greenhouse tomatoes, one pint or one pound.

still have my half a pound from last week as well. think I will make pasta with mascarpone and roasted tomatoes.  maybe add the patty pan squash like this roasted veggie pasta?

Salad turnips, a bunch.

maybe some can go in the thai basil dish?

Mini cabbage.

traded for another pint of tomatoes!


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