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blueberry jam!

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I don’t have much to say about this! Matteo and I went with friends to Tougas Family Farm in Northboro yesterday to pick blueberries. it was SO HOT. I managed somehow to pick almost 4 lbs of berries while dealing with a hot sweaty toddler. whew.

I decided this year to buy pomona’s universal pectin which they sell at whole foods. I now have a jar of “calcium water” in my fridge and I am ready to can more stuff!!!!

the pomona’s calls for 4 cups mashed berries. which was about 8 cups unmashed berries. so I still had some berries left over which is nice!!! other than mashing the berries, you just mix them with lemon juice and the calcium water and bring it to a boil. then you stir in sugar (it said 3/4 – 2 cups of sugar, I went with 1 cup) already mixed with pectin and return to a boil. then you put it in your already sanitized jars and process in the canner water bath for 10 minutes. easy peasy! I made six 8 oz jelly jars, one of which I didn’t seal, just left it in the fridge.

can’t wait for raspberry season!!!


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