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csa 2012 week 6

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What’s in the Share?

Zucchini and yellow squash, 3 pounds.

will use some in the lemon basil zucchini pancake recipe the farm included in the farm email.

Cucumber, two.

already eaten in salad tonight!

Carrots, a bunch. 

had 2 in our salads tonight! likely add more to salad throughout the week or cook up as a side.

Summer leeks, a bunch.

pasta with pancetta and leeks?

Radicchio, one.

swapped for a second eggplant so each of us could have one.

Lettuce, two heads.

salad, salad and more salad :0)

Green beans, a little more than a pound.

baked green bean fries?

Chard, a bunch.

swapped for more lettuce!!!

Parsley, a bunch. 

if I make the lemon basil zucchini pancakes below some of it will go to that! otherwise I will combine it with parsley from my garden to make and freeze parsley pesto.

Lemon basil, a bunch. A specialty basil with a strong lemon scent and taste. 
might make the recipe that the farm sent along in our email – Lemon Basil Zucchini Pancakes. it also calls for parsley!

Asian eggplant, one.

a delicious pork and eggplant green curry that I make all the time. can’t believe I haven’t blogged that recipe yet!

Tomatoes, either a pint or a couple slicers. we got a pint!



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