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csa 2012 week 5

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What’s in the Share?

Golden beets, a bunch. 

I think I will make one of my most favorite beet dishes – harvest veggie pancake! I haven’t made it before with “golden” beets but I am sure it will be fine.

Salad turnips, a bunch. 

Laura kept all of these and I kept all of the beets 🙂 it’s nice to share with friends!!

Scallions, a bunch. 

probably add to the taco salad

Green curly kale, a bunch.

we swapped this for more lettuce or zucchini I think!

Spinach, ¾ pound. 

I already just wilted and sauteed this up. think I will add it to some scrambled eggs later this week!

Lettuce, two heads. Green leaf and red leaf today.

salad, lots of salad! planning some sort of grilled chicken salad with leftovers going in sandwich wraps for lunches. also a taco salad. we got these great pans that bake your tortilla into a taco salad shell.

Zucchini, two pieces. 

mmm these zukes are huge and beautiful! gonna make roasted squash couscous which is based on eggplant couscous. perfect because I just recently got a bag of tricolor israeli couscous from bob’s red mill!

Basil, a bunch.

already turned this into pesto! added a ton of basil harvested from my garden! had some for dinner and froze the rest into cubes.

Carrots, a bunch.  here is a little tip I just learned on the interwebs via google since I searched for carrots gone soft. from cook local

“Be sure to remove those greens as quickly as possible. They leach moisture from the carrots and you’ll end up with soft carrots within about 24 hours!

You can store carrots for two weeks in the fridge, but don’t store them in the same drawer as apples. Apples give off ethylene gas which can make carrots taste bitter.

If your carrots have gone soft, either because you forgot to take the tops off or because you left them on the counter a bit too long, you can refresh them by cutting the ends off and soaking them in ice water for 2-4 hours.”

I soaked them for 4 hours but I am not sure it did anything 😦 I am still going to shred them up to add to the beet dish listed above!

Escarole, a head. 

we swapped this


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  1. And when you cut the tops off, they make great pesto.

  2. nice haul…great tip!

    Come and share your goodness and knowledge with this week’s CSA link party… Hope to see you there 🙂


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