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green baby: feeding baby green

I recently read most of the book “feeding baby green” by alan greene m.d.
the book outlined a plan that involved exposing your baby to all 21 food categories. I’d like to try to do this with Baby M. I was able to exclusively breast feed for the first 4 months until a case of serious irreversible low supply and poor/no weight gain occurred.  In the book I found it really interesting that the author actually recommended that babies who drink formula shouldn’t have the same formula all the time but that they should be offered different kinds, including hypoallergenic formula such as similac alimentum. Baby M happens to need to drink similac alimentum due to his milk/soy protein intolerance diagnosed at 4 weeks of age. I had to maintain a dairy/soy free diet while nursing him. Basically the book suggest alimentum to help the babies get used to/in order to try bitter tasting foods. weird! maybe Baby M will one day share my love for broccoli rabe! LOL. you don’t need to feed every food listed in each category – just need to fed at least one of them. And there are many more foods in those categories to choose from – these were the ones they included as they said they were the most popular foods in those categories.
info copied from the books biodiversity checklist section:
if you like try to eat from each category the indicated number of times. i’ve included a number of examples from around the world. don’t worry about trying to eat everything in any category. as always, be sure foods for babies and toddlers are an appropriate size and shape to prevent choking

for all categories – during pregnancy (3 times), while nursing (3 times), spoon fed to baby (3 times), finger food (4 times), fork and spoon (3 times).

1. mushrooms – crimini, oyster, portobello, shiitake

2. amaranths – amaranth grain, beet (greens and root), buckwheat, chinese spinach, quinoa, spinach, swiss chard

3. umbrellifers – anise, arracaha, caraway, carrot, celery, chervil, cilantro, coriander, cumin, dill, fennel, lovage, parsley, parsnip

4. cruciferous vegetables – broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, chinese cabbage, collargd greens, cress, horseradish, mustard, mustard greens, radish, rapeseed, turnip, turnip greens, watercress.

5. bromeliads – pineapple

6. composites – artichoke, chicory, edible flowers, jerusalem artichoke, lettuces, safflower, sunflower seeds, yacon.

7. bindweeds – sweet potato, water, spinach

8. gourds – cantalope, casaba, crenshaw, cucumber, honeydew, muskmelon, pumpkin (and other winter squashes), watermelon, zucchini (and other summer squashes)

9. heath plants – blueberry, cranberry, huckleberry

10. legumes (peas or beans) – azuki, black beans, carob, chickpeas, dried peas, green peas, kidney beans, lentils, lupins, navy beans, peanuts, pinto beans, snap peas, snow peas, soybeans, tamarind.

11. lilies – aspargus, chive, garlic, leeks, onion, shallots.

12. woody trees – bananas and plantains

13. sesames -benne, black sesame, gomashio, sesame oil, sesame potherb, sesame seeds, tahini

14. true grasses – barley, brown rice, corn, millet, oats, rye, spelt, wheat

15. rosy plants – almond, apple, apricot, blackberry, cherry, loquat, medlar, peach, plum, quince, raspberry, strawberry.

16. citrus plants – grapefruit, kumquat, lemon, lime, mandarin, orange, tangerine.

17. nightshades – (potatoes) – chili powder, chipotle, eggplant, fingerling potato, green bell pepper, jalapeno, paprika, red bell pepper, red potato, russet potato, tomatillo, tomatoes, uchuva, yellow bell pepper, yukon gold potato.

18. grapes – currants, grapes, raisins

19. laurels – avocados, bay leaves, cassia, cinnamon, sassafras

20. myrtles – allspice, cloves, feijoa, guava.

21. loosestrifes – pomegranate


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