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green baby/csa eats! parsnip baby food

I read that roasting parsnips with olive oil (that’s how I eat them, yum!) and then pureeing would taste really great but I chickened out on giving Baby M olive oil and just steamed them. when he gets a little older I will introduce some oils.

parsnip baby food

wash, peel and chop parsnips

place in steamer basket.

steam until tender, approx 10 minutes

transfer to food processor

puree until desired consistency.

place in ice cube trays and freeze

we had a thousand parsnips from our CSA and I just cut some for baby food and then some for us at the same time. parsnips roasted with carrots and honey are so yummy! (for us not for Baby!) for Baby  –  parsnip puree mixes well with apples and carrots.


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