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green baby: mango and peach baby food

Baby M loves MANGOES! he thinks peaches are pretty good too. since they aren’t really in season plus organic ones are hard to find, even at whole foods, I had to go the frozen route. luckily whole foods carries bags of frozen organic mango chunks and peach slices. makes life a little easier for me too, no peeling or cutting!

frozen fruit baby food

dump frozen fruit chunks into steamer basket

steam until tender – takes at least 10+ minutes

transfer to food processor and puree to desired consistency

freeze in ice cube trays

with 3 bags of mangoes I only get about two 12 cube trays and Baby M eats them up so quick! peaches yield about the same. I forget how many ounces are in the bags to being with but they are pretty small.

I’ve got frozen cherries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries to try next!

from what I’ve read – after 8 months you no longer need to “cook” the fruit and can puree it raw but since Baby M is under 8 months I have been steaming and am not sure how it would come out without cooking it first.


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