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green baby: consignment sales and shops

I recently, as a new mom, discovered a new and wonderful way to be green! consignment/tag sales and consignment stores.

a great resource for finding shops and sales near you is just type in your zip code and all the nearby sales and shops come up.

some sales will charge an admission fee, usually $1, especially if it is run by a local moms organization. most are cash only.

the first sale I attended was crazy! it was in the cafeteria of a school and basically clothes were just thrown in a pile on a table and labeled with size ranges – such as 6 -12 months. it was maddness with a ton of people standing around a table rumaging through the clothes. I found this VERY overwhelming and was so glad I didn’t have Baby M with me (but lots of people had kids with them!). I still managed to find a few great items.

I decided to be brave once again and attended a second sale! this time with Baby M strapped into the Ergo. this one was so tame and lovely. quite a difference. each consignor set up their own little booth or shop. You paid at each booth rather than the traditional long waiting line for the whole place when you were ready.  things were neat and organized on racks with hangers! I found some great deals.

after that I attended tons of sales. there was a huge run of them in Sept/Oct/Nov. none were like the first (thank goodness!). some were massive with tons and tons of racks that I spent quite a chunk of time going through. some had long lines to get in, some didn’t. some had long lines to pay, others didn’t but in those long lines I remember meeting some great people! I think it depended on the time I went. At first I kept trying to get in first thing, to get the “good stuff”, then I decided to wait it out until the second day or the later time of the sale. Most sales offer 50% off or more if you wait until the end! there is plenty of stuff still left at that point!!!! each sale had not only clothes but toys, shoes, costumes, outerwear and every baby accessory under the sun!

some of my favorite sales on the North Shore are:

Outfit the Kids

Itsy Bitsy Thrifty 

I’ve only been to one consignment shop so far and it is a great one! it’s just a few towns over and the owner is super nice. the shop is so well organized. there are always discounts and sales. plus they only take in items in excellent condition. everything is the current season and there are toys and other baby essentials too. I have gotten great items – a patriots track suit plus tons of gap and old navy pants and shirts. I always walk out with a bag full and the total is always less than $20! if you are ever in the Tewksbury, MA area check out Sweet Pea Children’s Resale. (update: this store is now closed, sad face).


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