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CSA eats! roasted brussel sprouts

I read about 3000 brussel sprout recipes prior to deciding to make them for Thanksgiving. I wound up keeping it simple. I had 2 stalks of sprouts. I took forever cutting each one off and trimming back the leaves. I thought I would have a ton of them but couldn’t have had more than 20 if that.

preheat oven to 400

line baking pan with aluminum foil

toss brussel sprouts in bowl with good olive oil and sea salt

spread sprouts on pan

roast in oven for approximately 25 minutes, check ever 5 – 10 minutes and toss. (most recipes said 45 minutes, if I did 45 minutes they would have been on fire! I think mine were just small). they will be blackish and crisp on outside but soft and tender on the inside.

meanwhile saute up some pancetta until crisp. I had a small package of tiny bits of pancetta.

toss pancetta with sprouts and more salt. serve warm.

these were a big hit at Thanksgiving


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