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green baby: homemade baby food

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making baby food is SO much fun! plus it is super easy. I thought about getting a beaba or baby breeza or baby bullet, etc. However we own an awesome huge cusinart food processor, an awesome cusinart blender (that has a small cup, a blender part, 4 smoothie cups, and a chopping blade) and a steamer basket, etc. Really that is all you need. Plus those “baby food makers” are so tiny. How can you make a lot of food in there? Also it only prepares the food one way. What if I prefer to bake it, rather than steam, etc.

here are the things you really need:

-something to freeze the baby food in – I have these Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Freezer Trays With Lids. They are awesome! I like the small portions. I just pop them out when frozen and put in a freezer bag.

-an oven

-a steamer insert/basket for your pots

-a food processor or blender or both, you probably have them anyway!

-a baby food mill (this one by kidco looks good. I don’t have this yet, but plan to get one. I think it will be useful for peas and other things with skins you can’t peel off. Plus it can be used say out at a restaurant to grind your food for baby!).

-a good guide to follow. I have this book, Top 100 Baby Purees. Also got this one from the library, The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet. Really both are just OK. the BEST resource hands down is the WHOLESOME BABY FOOD website. it has everything you ever needed and then some. Great charts for tracking foods you’ve tried and how baby liked them. Recipes. Guidelines. Sample menu’s. So much good stuff! also the blog and facebook page are also great resources!! I am also really digging the Weelicious site. They have great videos and ideas.

squooshi are reusable pouches for purees. they are amazing!! you can put food cubes in them and let them defrost inside it. you can fill them with anything! so easy to clean with a bottle brush and saves you so much money on store bought baby food pouches (which are still awesome for traveling, etc!)



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