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cloth diaper reviews (fitteds and covers for overnight)

Diaper Update! Sept 2011.

so Baby M is having major overnight leaking issues! he just pees too much. he wakes up soaked! (probably b/c he is drinking so much at night). I headed over to the diaper lab again and did another experiment to own program focusing on night time diaper solutions. tried to focus on fitteds with mixtures of organic cotton, hemp and bamboo. learned that in the range of absorbency, the least absorbent is cotton, then going up is organic cotton, then hemp, then bamboo. also got a few joey bunz hemp inserts to boost absorbency.

a fitted diaper is very similar to a disposable diaper. you put it on and take it off. but it needs a cover over it to make it waterproof/not leak. we used fitteds with covers during the newborn stage and they were great. fitteds work great for overnight and heavy wetters b/c the entire diaper is absorbent.


thirsties duo wrap in snaps – size 2 (we used the size 1’s when he was a NB and loved them, except the velcro got bad really quickly!). didn’t care for the snap version, couldn’t get a good fit. wound up buying 3 in velcro to use overnight despite the previous experience with the velcro not holding up after only a few months of use. well shortly into having them maybe in Jan 2012? I filed a warranty claim with thirsties. the velcro was SO bad. they replaced all 3 with brand new ones and I traded them for flip covers instead over on one of the cloth diaper swap groups on FB. It really is just too bad. the thirsites covers are so perfect in every other way. love the double leg gussets, there aren’t many covers out there with it! also at the belly, it is elasticized some how. so it does gape open, it stays conformed to the skin some how. plus they never leave red marks. b/c of the duo sizing they definitely seemed like they would fit longer vs one size covers. wish I could get a good fit with the snap version.

blueberry coveralls – OS – in snap and in velcro – didn’t care for the snap version, couldn’t get a good fit. for the velcro one – the velcro was splitting by the end of the 2 weeks. the diaper lab said that wasn’t usual but I didn’t want to risk it and buy them. they do come in super cute prints though and I have heard great things about them!

Flip covers – OS – started using these at night around Jan 2012. I like them! there is definitely room to grow in them. one of them the elastic seems to be stretched out a bit more than the others (I have 4) and I am not sure why. they are nice and thin and not bulky at all. no red marks. very easy to adjust. thinking about trying them in the daytime with their organic cotton insert and the disposable insert.


babybeehinds bamboo one size

first use – this was the first fitted I decided to try for nighttime. I left in both the long and short insert. folded the long one up. added a joey bunz hemp insert as well, might have been overkill though! covered with a blueberry coverall with aplix. this was thick! I had to leave the OS cover completely open to the largest size. but baby M didn’t leak! it was on for 11 hours. went to bed around 8:30 pm after having a 6oz bottle. woke up around 1:30 am had 8 oz. then woke for the day at 7:30 am, still nice and dry! first night in a long time he didn’t wake up for his middle of the night feeding all ready soaked through! yippee. taking off the diaper it was wet, but I definitely think it could hold a lot more, and will try next time without the joey bunz

bummis tots bots bamboozle size 2

this is the 2nd fitted I decided to try. it was able to be on the middle rise and I added a joey bunz hemp insert. covered with a thirsties duo wrap with snap closure on the middle rise. love how trim this is for a fitted. 12 hours – NO leaks!!!!!!!!! so far it’s only the 2nd fitted I’ve tried but I love it the best b/c of the fact that it didn’t need to be all the way open on the snap downs – which makes me think it will fit longer. also it is so nice and trim even with the extra insert!

update: so after trying all 5 and retrying a few of them again, I settled on the bamboozle! it just can’t be beat. it is super trim for a fitted, super soft, holds an amazing amount of pee and washes up great! plus I already love bummis/tots bots products as they make my everyday diaper the easy fit. after trying the thirsties duo wrap in snaps, and the blueberry coveralls in both snap and aplix I settled on the thirsties duo wrap in aplix. I know I know I hated the way the aplix got so beat up on Baby M’s newborn thirsties duo wraps, but seriously I could not find a cover I loved as much as it. the fit is just perfect and the snap version just did not fit right. I am hoping since the covers will only be used at night, and not all the time, the aplix won’t wear out as fast. the thirsties are cheaper anyways than the blueberrys. I also tried a few covers on Baby M while we were at the diaper lab – the RaR OS covers, the flip and a couple of the bummis covers/wraps and really none of them measured up!

kissaluvs organic cotton and hemp fitted size 2

3rd fitted to try! was somewhat familiar with it since we used kissas while baby M was a NB. I was able to add the joey bunz hemp in addition to the soaker it came with and still snap it down a size. definitely bulky and big though! it may have been equal in size to the baby beehinds bamboo though or a tad bigger. covered with the blueberry coveralls in snaps. couldn’t snap the rise down on that at all. I was a little worried since I was educated by the diaper lab that on an absorbency level organic cotton was only #2 on the list whereas #5 (most absorb ant) is bamboo and the past two night I used bamboo fitteds. so I was gearing up for a leak. well it worked out great! 12 hours no leaks and Baby M drank a total of 16 oz in it. which is more than he had the previous two nights. so I am impressed that it still worked despite the lack of bamboo.

rumparooz ecoposh one size

I didn’t want to take it for my trial b/c there is no way I will pay that kind of money for a diaper! $34.95!! Baby M wore it last night. It reminds me of a sweatshirt. an old comfy sweatshirt. definitely different than other diapers fabric. I loved the way it fit him. And I do love the inserts that RaR makes. I wish I had liked their pocket diapers but I didn’t. Yet the ecoposh is I think exactly the same just different material and no PUL on the outside. 12 hours in the ecoposh with a blueberry coverall and no leaks. I did use both the inserts it came with. I just can not justify the cost b/c the other 3 fitteds I’ve tried so far work just as well for way less money and one of them was even less bulky. I wonder if they will start selling the bamboo inserts the ecoposh comes with separately? also Baby M has sensitive skin. I put him to bed with a red irritated bum and no CJs BUTTer b/c I am afraid of messing up rented diapers. when he woke up his butt was fine! no more redness!

thirsties duo fab fitted size 2

well this is the 5th and final fitted to try! not sure why I waited so long for this one. I thought for some reason I wasn’t going to like it. it is butter soft. the pocket inside is interesting b/c it’s a pocket but not really because it is open on both sides and the actual pocket is a sewn in soaker pad/insert. I slipped a medium joey bunz in the pocket. I like how trim this is for a fitted. certainly not as trim as the bamboozle but the next trimmest for sure. it fit really nicely and didn’t seem bulky. was able to put it on the middle rise snap down. covered with the thirsties duo wrap in snaps. really don’t care for the snap closure on the wrap, hard to get a good fit. nervous yet again for the lack of bamboo in this diaper.

unfortunately this diaper was no good! Baby M seemed uncomfortable like all night. He just seemed like something was bothering him. He was up from 1- 3 am and ate at that time. Just didn’t want to be put down for some reason! then at 5:30 am he was screaming!! went to him and he was soaked, sleep sack, pjs, diaper, sheets, everything. So glad this wasn’t the first fitted I tried b/c I would have been so upset! well at least 4 out of 5 fitteds I picked up to trial worked! now to try them all again!! (minus the thirsties for sure!)

joey bunz hemparoo inserts – these are great for SO many things!!! I use a medium sized one every night in Baby M’s fitted diaper for extra absorbency and insurance! they are great right next to his skin. he wakes up with beautiful clear skin every morning despite being in a wet diaper for 12 hours! I also use them for naps just to be safe! I prefer the medium size for now.  I did get one in size large – and it is also the premium two layer version, I am not crazy about the large size nor the two layer premium version. Just too big for Baby M at this point. I use it though when all the others are dirty.


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