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Everything you need to cloth diaper

So you want to get started with cloth diapering?

What do you need?!

Diapers – usually about 24 to be able to wash every other day, more if you want to push it to every 3rd day, but you shouldn’t go longer than that w/o washing. If you are using a diaper that requires a cover or an AI2 system, you need about 4 – 6 covers depending on the age of your child, per day! newer babies need more than older babies, b/c they just poop so much! my personal favorite is an AI2 system.

Fleece and/or Disposable Liners – these are in case you need to use non CD safe cream. Or maybe you want to make stains less likely and poop easier to clean once baby starts solid foods. I use them in night time diapers since mine are not stay dry but some people use one in every diaper. you can use fleece liners inside a diaper that doesn’t have a “stay dry” layer to make it stay dry! (I’ve used the bummis fleece liners and the bummis bio-soft flushable liners)

Extra inserts/doublers – a lot of little ones need a little extra ooomph to their diapers for night time and/or naps. Hemp and Bamboo are super absorbant and make good inserts/doublers. (I use the joey bunz hemparoo inserts for night time, for naps I don’t need anything)

Cloth Wipes – I have about 45 I think. I keep them folded in half  in one of the disposable wipes box without a cover on it. wipe warmers are NOT necessary and actually have been said to be a breeding ground for bacteria! (I use the Imse Vimse Flannelette Washable Wipes)

Water Spray Bottle – with water in it to spray the wipes. Sometimes I add a wipe solution, but usually plain water works best for us! (I got my bottle at CVS and I’ve used the Bee Green Naturals Purely Clean Cubes and the Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion. There are also tons of recipes to make your own. Plain water just works best for us!)

CD Safe Rash and Rash Prevention Creams – We use Grandma El’s, CJs BUTTer, grovia magic stick and straight up coconut oil depending on what’s going on. But usually we use nothing except at night I always put a little grandma el’s.

Wet Bags and/or Pail Liners – some people choose to use a hanging wet bag in the nursery. Others get a diaper pail (usually one of those nice/fancy garbage cans) and use a pail liner. It is good to have 2 of what you use, that way you have one to use when the other is washing and it will also prevent excess wear and tear. We have 2 hanging planet wise wet bags. (update: my planetwise hanging bags after less than a year of use started to leak! one had holes all along the seams, the other just was ALWAYS wet on the outside. not cool! I got two large hanging bags from and they are amazing!!! much larger, hold more and seem to be very strong! I am really happy with them. plus they had a really cute sock monkey print which went perfect in the nursery)

Diaper Sprayer – for when solids are started. Some people go without this and just swish the diaper in the toilet. I couldn’t imagine living without my sprayer! (I have the mini shower). UPDATE – Jan 2013 – finally got a spray pal and OMG I am in love! this thing rocks!!!!!!!!! my kid has the worst poop, smooshy and so not ploppable. I can not even believe I have been cding for 21 months without the spray pal. I almost bought one a year ago and I am so kicking myself now!!!! seriously the thing is amazing. no more water splashing. no more poop spraying everywhere. plus now I can turn the sprayer way up so there is more force to get the gunk off the diaper. I am amazed. everyone who cloth diapers should have one.

Detergent – I have tried about a thousand diaper specific detergents (rockin green, ecosprout, crunchy clean, country save, tiny bubbles to name a few) and hated them!!! I either got detergent build up OR stinkies! I found that Planet works great and I was already buying it and using it on our clothes so that was a bonus! I get Planet at my local supermarket and it is eco-friendly. I use the rockin green magnectic laundry scoop to measure out the detergent. UPDATE – I started using Tide Ultra Original scent powder in Oct or Nov 2012. If you go with tide this is exactly what you need to get, the other scents are not safe, etc. read this: and this: I also add about 10 – 15 drops of GSE (grapefruit seed extract) to every wash as well. I really like this article and the explanation fo GSE, it also has tons of other info on how to disinfect diapers –

Drying Rack – I got mine at Target. It’s pretty good. I hang my covers and pocket dipes to dry. I can take this outside too which is nice.

For your diaper bag you need: (well this is what’s in mine)

2 medium wetbags (for when one is in the wash).

I use disposable wipes in my diaper bag but I used to carry around cloth wipes and just wet them at the restroom sink. I bought a planet wise wipes pouch but never use it. I like having disposable wipes while out and about b/c they can be used for so many other things other than for diapering. I usually buy the earth’s best brand.

I got a little sample jar of CJs BUTTer and just keep refilling it from my big jar and/or I carry the grovia magic stick. or a tube of grandma el’s.


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