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cloth diaper reviews (newborn stage)

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kissaluvs fitted size 0

been using these most of Baby M’s life. did the first week, then had to take a break for a little while because of his awful diaper rash d/t MSPI. needed to use lots of creams to heal it which weren’t CD safe. we have 24 of these, we rented them from top to bottom baby boutique. the rental was for 3 months but since Baby M is so skinny in the legs and wasn’t fitting well into the other diapers we have (grovia AI2) we decided to rent for an additional month.

these fit well right away. used the snap down for the umbilical cord in the beginning. used the snaps closest to the middle snap (the one for the cord snap) for most of the time. we were just able to move to the outer snaps a week or so ago. which was well over 10 1/2 lbs and 3+ months old.  these work basically like a towel. they fit great and absorb everything. I am amazed at how heavy and wet they get. Baby M never complains about a dirty diaper, ever. which is weird! these wash up really nice. and the stains sun out completely! they are all the natural color. the only draw back is you have to use a cover with these. never had any problems with leaks, but I think that’s because of the cover. these are pretty trim for having to be a two layer system. definitely thinner than some AIOs/pockets I’ve tried. all in all a great newborn diaper. I don’t have much to compare it to though. when I said to Chris that the next stage of diapers would be easier than these he said “really? they are already so easy, what’s hard about them”.

thirsties duo wraps size 1

we have 4 of these. using these over the kissaluvs for quite a few months now. love the leg gussets which I think are responsible for preventing leaks/blowouts. which I’ve never had! we stopped using the snap down at least a month ago. but in the beginning the snap down was definitely needed. the major downfalls in this diaper are the velcro. they never stay closed to the laundry tabs, which has resulted in a lot of damage to the velcro. it’s pilly and frayed. it still works though. on one of the covers the actual strip of velcro is quite damaged. lots of pulls and pilly. hard to describe. but it’s like threads of the velcro are pulling off each time you use it. also on another one of the diapers the white part on the outer leg gusset is looking really pilly and frayed. thirsties customer service is great. initially I had a problem with one of the snaps.  it wouldn’t stay snapped down. they sent me out a new cover quickly with instructions and an envelope to send back the damaged one. its nice that these are made in the USA. the snaps aren’t as strong though as any other snaps I’ve come across. they are quite weak and often the snapped down part would unsnap just by trying to diaper a squirmy baby. there are a few other newborn sized covers out there that get great reviews I know the bummis covers get awesome feedback, I might try those with the next baby 🙂

rumparooz lil joey

I only had 4 of these and they didn’t fit very long. they are so cute and so tiny! these diapers would make anyone A) want to have a baby and B) want to cloth diaper! the prints are super cute too! they are a  little AIO (all in one) which is great for out and about, so you don’t have to worry about the separate fitteds and covers for the newborn phase.  we used them mainly for the diaper bag. they have a snap down for the cord which is great those first few days/week.


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