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I recently scored a barely used bread machine on craigslist for super cheap! can’t wait to make some bread. I went out today to get some ingredients and the recipes in the manual called for bread machine yeast – which I could not find. so I got active dry yeast. however after some further research, it seems I should have went with rapid rise instead.

can active dry yeast be used in a bread machine?

Bread Machine Yeast is a fast-rising yeast specially formulated for bread machines. It is finely granulated to hydrate easily when combined with the flour. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is added to promote good loaf volume and structure. Active Dry Yeast may be used but may not yield optimal results.

what is the difference between fast rising yeast (rapid rise/bread machine) and active dry yeast?

RapidRise and Bread Machine Yeast are different strains than Active Dry Yeast. RapidRise and Bread Machine Yeast are grown with a higher level of nutrients and are dried to lower moisture content. The particle size of RapidRise and Bread Machine Yeast are finely granulated to allow complete hydration of the yeast cells during the mixing process. The Active Dry Yeast larger particle size should be dissolved in water to achieve complete hydration prior to adding to the mixer. In addition, RapidRise and Bread Machine Yeast contain ascorbic acid resulting in increased loaf volumes.

can active dry be used in rapid rise recipes?

Yes, but with limitations. The Active Dry has larger granules and it is necessary to dissolve completely for the yeast to work. Therefore, Active Dry works best if dissolved in warm water (100° to 110°F). To use the electric mixer method, combine yeast with 1/4 to 1/3 of the flour and other dry ingredients.

what is the difference between instant, rapid rise and bread machine yeast?

Mainly names, but these are all the same yeast! Use interchangeably

the above is from

this link is also helpful

SO I guess I am going to go back to the store and get the rapid rise. I had the option of the rapid rise and the active dry, and choose active dry b/c it’s what I use for pizza. But it definitely seems rapid rise is the way to go for the bread machine.

this is the bread machine I got –



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