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HOW TO: Recycle Holiday Cards Into Next Year’s Gift Tags

HOW TO: Recycle Holiday Cards Into Next Year’s Gift Tags

by Jennie Lyon, 12/26/10

posted at inhabitots

After the holidays have come and gone, you will be left with a huge stack of holiday cards and gift packaging, which usually get tossed into the trash or recycling bin. Instead, you can reuse both your holiday cards and gift packaging by upcycling them into next year’s gift tags. This is a super simple process that takes less than half an hour, leaving you with a cute stack of holiday tags to adorn next year’s gifts — and it’s a great activity to do with your kids. Won’t friends and family smile when they see their holiday card turn up as a gift tag on their gift next year? Read on to learn how to create these fun gift tags in a few easy steps.

Have your children collect all of the holiday cards that are displayed on your mantle and the gift packaging that’s stacked in the garage or left lingering under the Christmas tree.

To create the gift tags you’ll also need: A hole punch, scissors, a paper cutter, and twine

Have your children help you remove the colorful, decorative fronts of the holiday cards from the backs and cut off the parts of the gift packaging that you want to use.

Using your paper cutter, scissors, and a hole punch, your children can help you transform the front of the holiday cards and decorative parts of the gift packing into tag shapes

You and your child can write “To:” and “From:” on each tag, along with a holiday greeting. Then thread twine through the punched holes of each tag. Then, admire your work and pack them away in a safe spot until next year.


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