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Winter CSA 2010 – Month Three – The End!

What’s in the share?
Picadilly Farm
Parsnips, 2 pounds
Butternut, 7 pounds (2-3 pieces)
White potatoes, 5 pounds
Celeriac, 2-2.5 pounds (it is small! the drought this summer really took a toll on the celeriac!)
Beets, 3 pounds

Riverland Farm
Carrots, 6 pounds
Green cabbage, 1 head
Leeks, 1 bunch
Onions, 2 pounds
Popcorn, 1 bouquet
Purple top turnips, 2 pounds
Sweet Potato, 4 pounds
Watermelon radishes, 1 pound

Moraine Farm
Two pounds of Beverly, Massachusetts-grown beans! The varieties are black turtle and soldier.

Busa Farm
Greens, probably lettuce

we also bought extra potatoes and sweet potatoes

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