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my plans for newborn cloth diapering

so I am hoping to start out CD’ing when Baby Marz is a newborn.
so far for diapers I plan on getting a rental for newborn diapers.

the Newborn Rental Package from Top to Bottom looks interesting!
details from their site:
Great for parents who want to try cloth diapering without a large initial investment. This package includes 24 kissaluv fitted diapers. These diapers are specifically sized for babies under 15 pounds, allowing you to avoid the bulk of the one-sized diapers.
Cost: $75 rental plus (plus tax) and a $75 deposit
The deposit will be returned when the diapers are returned in good condition
Period: 3 months, though we will not begin your rental until your baby is born
This breaks down to $25 per month (which is cheaper than a month of using a diaper service). Given the scheduling pattern, these diapers cannot be rented for less than 3 months.
Need additional time: Each additional month is $25

Nell’s Natural Baby also has the same kind of newborn cloth diaper rental package deal. costs the same as the top to bottom one and includes basically the same stuff!

details from their site:

“Newborns grow so fast! That is why we understand that while you want a great cloth diaper for your newborn, it is hard to spend a lot of money for diapers that will be used for a short time. Our rental program is a very economical and luxurious solution for your newborn!

Kissaluvs size 0 are excellent newborn diapers. They contain newborn poo explosions. They have a snap down section for the umbilical cord to be able to stay clean and dry. They fit 5-15 pounds, perfect for the first 3 months.

Some newborns start out so very small, especially multiples or early babies. It is hard to get one size pockets to fit their little bodies and their little legs. These Kissaluvs will fit newborns wonderfully.
These diapers require the use of diaper covers.

Used Rental Newborn Package Details:

  • $150.00 initial cost with cash return of $75 when the diapers are returned. If you opt for store credit as your refund you receive $85 back! (Just $25 per month!). You will receive a rental agreement and care instructions with your diaper rental.

Click here for a cost comparison of the rental versus disposables!


  • Receive 24 used unbleached Kissaluvs size 0 diapers
  • Use the diapers for 3 months. (Or longer if needed, just $25 extra per month). Due to the extensive time required for processing rentals, the minimum rental period is 3 months.
  • The package is $150.00. When diapers are returned you receive $75 cash return. Optional store credit return gives you $10 bonus money to spend: $85 in store credit!
  • Free shipping is included with the rental. You are responsible for shipping charges when the diapers are returned to us.
  • Diapers can only be rented to non-smoking households.
  • Renter must agree to use diapers with cloth diaper safe detergent and diaper cream.
If possible, please place your order one month before your due date (enter your due above before adding the rental to your cart).
We will mail the package to you 1-2 weeks before your expected due date. In the event that the diapers are needed sooner please email us.

For the sake of our planning needs, if you are reserving the rental less than 3 weeks before your due date there will be a $10 rush fee applied to the deposit when the diapers are returned.”

the two above kissaluv rentals need diaper covers to go with them. there doesn’t seem to be a rental on covers anywhere.

However Top to Bottom offers a Diaper Cover Add On Package to purchase. I probably won’t go with it because I’ve bought some covers already, etc (see below). But it is a nice option.
details from their site:
This set includes:

4 covers: your choice of Thirsties Covers, Thirsties Duo Covers, Bummis Super Whisper Wraps, or Bummis Super Brites
Diaper cream: Squeeze Tube or Jar
Detergent: Rockin Green or Charlie’s Soap
for only $65, and it’s not a rental.

what I’ve already gotten: (!)

I’ve already bought from Diaper Junction during their Black Friday Sale:
Lil’ Joey All In One Diapers from Rumparooz
on sale – pack of 2 diapers for $25, free shipping!
4 Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Covers – size 1
on sale $11.42 for each print (I got two) and $10.42 for each solid, also free shipping!

next up:

I am also thinking of registering for two Bummis Super Whisper Wraps diaper covers as well. So if I get those, I’ll have 6 covers for 26 diapers, and from the research I’ve done, people seem to think that is more than enough. Plus if Auntie makes some wool covers, I’ll definitely be stocked up!

I am hoping one of Chris’ Aunties will make me some wool diaper covers for the newborn stage. I wish I could knit. I found this site, Karen’s Cloth Diapering Site and sent it to her. It seems to have a lot of comprehensive info about wool and tons of links to free patterns for making your own.


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