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winter CSA 2010 month one

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What’s in the October 23rd share?
Picadilly Farm
Sweet potatoes, 4 pounds.
Gold potatoes, 5 pounds.
Carrots, 3 pounds plus a bunch. big fall “Boleros” and a smaller bunch.
Delicata squash, 3-4 pieces.
Red peppers, 1 pound, a mix of italia and Bell types.
Green Bell Peppers, 1 pound.
Hakurei salad turnips, a bunch.
Celery, 1 head.
Radicchio, a head.

Riverland Farm
Beets, 3 pounds.
Broccoli or cauliflower, 2 pieces.  ours had 2 cauliflowers
Fennel, 1 bunch.
Cilantro or parsley, 1 bunch. ours had cilantro
Leeks, 1 bunch.
Red onions, 2 pounds
Yellow onions, 2 pounds.
Spinach, about a pound
Squash, pie, 2 squashes. ours only had one, a pumpkin

Busa Farm
Lettuce, two heads, one red and one green. ours are 2 heads of the same lettuce.
Greens, a bunch. You’ll find one of these types of greens in your share: Rabi senza testa , red mustard , white turnips (with edible greens) or Kamatsuna. ours came with the turnips.

Moraine Farm, Baer’s Best Beans
Jacob’s Cattle dried beans, one pound.

Cider Hill Farm
Apples, five pounds.  Chris went to the pick up and got to choose from Mutsu, Empire, Cortland, Macoun, and Carousal varieties. not sure which ones he got and brought home? some green and some red.

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