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Sunday Cooking Marathon

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I’ve been a VERY bad blogger lately. mostly because I have not been cooking much. First trimester with Baby Marzilli was not easy, and the last thing I had time/energy for was cooking or meal planning. Let alone I had a serious lack of appetite for many things and currently some serious heartburn that has caused me to skip many a meal. Alas I am now feeling a bit better and the cooking is off  to an all day affair today.

currently making:

potstickers – this alone is a feat (CSA bok choy and garlic)

butternut squash lasagna (CSA butternut squash + more purchased squash) – Neely’s Mom’s recipe (used Rosemary from my garden!)

“healthy” fried rice – brown rice, CSA leeks and salad turnips,  a red pepper, sesame oil, tamari. similar to the Asian Brown Rice in the Potstickers recipe

roasted beets for later use (CSA)

parsley pesto to freeze (CSA) – with walnuts

arugula pesto to freeze (CSA)

that’s it for now!!!!!!


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  1. Seriously, you floor me! I couldn’t cook all that in one afternoon and I’m not with child!! Not only is Mr. Marzilli a lucky man, but Baby Marzilli does not yet know how luck he/she is…but will soon enough! You’re going to be a wonderful mommy – with a healthy eating family! Good eats!


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