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L & L's canning adventure #2

Laura saw a brochure for a pick your own raspberry place when she picked up our CSA last week. so on a beautiful Saturday fallish day. Laura and I set out with baby Addie-licious in tow to pick some raspberries! All in the quest to try our hand at canning again and make some jam! the people at the farm were super nice! it’s the wright locke farm in winchester, ma. we picked 3 pints for $14. The recipe we were following said you needed 8 cups (or 4 pints) but alas we only had enough $$$ for 3 pints, so that is what we did! the box of pectin we used had a recipe that we were able to halve perfectly to accommodate our 3 pints. it was really easy to make jam actually! way easier than the tomatoes. sadly however we thought based on the recipe we’d wind up with 4 pint jars, but it only made 2 pints, plus a tiny tiny jar that we didn’t bother sealing up in the water bath.

what we did

washed the raspberries

mushed with potato masher

mixed in half a box of pectin and brought to a full boil over med-high heat (you mix the pectin with a bit of sugar in a bowl to first to prevent clumping). we used the pectin that let you use less sugar.

then added 2 cups of sugar. boiled hard for one minute.

then to test for doneness we followed the pick you own guides idea of keeping a spoon in ice water. then putting some jam on it, waiting until it was about room temp and seeing if we liked the thickness/consistencey, which we did!

skimmed the foam

then into the jars it went. and into the water bath for 5 minutes. viola!

it said on a few sites it will be seedy and to think about deseeding first but we skipped all of that. we’ll see how seedy it is.

sites that were very helpful:


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