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Liza & Laura's Adventure in Canning

Laura and I were able to get a 20 lb box of organic tomatoes from our farm for $5! Picadilly had a surplus of tomatoes and we could’ve went to the farm and picked all we wanted for free, but opted to have them pick and deliver with our weekly CSA share for $5. what a deal!!!

so we decided to try our hand at canning. And I am pleased to report it went well. (so far!!! we haven’t opened/eaten what’s in the jars yet, that will be the final test!).

we found this canning 101 pamphlet that was free on display with stuff at whole foods which was super helpful, and had the recipe we wound up following. we also found these websites super helpful as well!

we almost got derailed in the planning stages when I bought this pot – and then saw written on it not for use on flat cook tops, which we both have. Then I read and got all confused!!! turns out we were fine canning on our flat glass cook tops, just couldn’t use the traditional canning pots, because they aren’t flat. they have grooves on the bottom. we just used our regular stock pots, no canning rack, just kitchen towels packed on the bottom to prevent the jars from touching the bottom.


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