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CSA week ten

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What’s in the share

Lettuce. One head of green Boston. 

Carrots. One pound.

Corn. Eight ears. The name “Luscious” says it all. You may have to cut away some worm damage here and there, but take heart in the rare opportunity to enjoy corn that was never sprayed with pesticides.

Potatoes. Two pounds.

Slicing tomatoes. Two pounds. The yellow “taxi” is making an appearance, as well as the classic red slicers.

Cherry tomatoes. One quart. We’ve lined the bottom of the quart containers with our lovely red saladette tomato, and topped it off with what very well may be the best cherry tomato on the planet, “sungold”.

Chard. A bunch.

Cantaloupe. One.

Watermelon. One yellow.

Cucumbers. Two or three slicers.  Plus there was a surplus so we were offered and took a 17 lb box of cucumbers!!!!!!

Onions. One or two small ones.


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