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CSA eats! swiss chard in pasta with swiss chard cheese sauce

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I started out thinking I could make swiss chard pesto. which is essentially what I did I guess! I put the swiss chard leaves, some grated cheese, walnuts and olive oil in the food processor until smooth. this makes a very nasty color by the way!! then I heated up the pesto, thinned out with some reserved pasta water (after cooking the pasta in it). well it just didn’t taste”right” it was a tad bitter. I then decided to add in more grated cheese. then a handful of shredded mozzarella. then some salt. then some heavy cream. I think that’s it. it wound up tasting pretty great! I had bought these big crazy spirals at Shaws. they are marked USDA organic. it was nice to try a different shaped pasta and this sauce clinged to it nicely! so it seems I can make “pesto” out of almost all the green things I’ve encountered so far!


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