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CSA week eight

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What’s in the share: (notes from the farm)

fresh onions — three or four.  Since these onions haven’t been cured for longer storage, keep them in the fridge.

savoy cabbage — one head.  “Savoy” refers to the crinkly leaf.

swiss chard — another bunch.

cukes — two “pickling”

carrots — one pound.  During summer’s heat the carrots are not as sweet as spring and fall, but remain a good staple.

leaf lettuce — two heads.

arugula — a bunch.

new red potatoes — two pounds.  Enjoy these beautiful “Red Gold” spuds.  Like the onions, these have been harvested fresh so the skins have not had time to cure for storage.  Store them dry and dark, but for use this week rather than this winter.

tomatoes  — just a hint with 2-3 small ones in the pint box.

garlic — one head.  Also for fresh use.  Store dark and dry with the potatoes.

celery — a bunch.  Given New England weather,  our celery tends to be a hair tougher, and taste more parsley-like, than the supemarket standards that are shipped in from far away.  You may find that it prepares better by adding to cooked dishes rather than to raw salads.  You can use the leaves as well!


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