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CSA eats! cabbage and carrots in Thai Peanut Noodles plus eggplant from my garden

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I love that Laura clued me in on the shredding disc in the food processor. wow that thing is amazing!!!!!!! shredded up the cabbage and carrots nicely!!! don’t know why I waited so long to make the cabbage. it was really good! one half was from week 5 the other from week 6! we are on week 8. I am amazed it stayed good for so long. I did have to cut off the exposed end a little but that’s it. I am super proud of the delicious japanese eggplant I grew in my garden, it was super tasty!!! the cabbage was super filling, and it made it seem like you had more pasta then you really had, cause they were kinda the same consistency, etc.

about 1 head of cabbage shredded (CSA)
4 carrots shredded (CSA)
half an onion diced
1 japanese eggplant diced (from my garden!!!)
a couple of minced cloves of garlic
sauteed with a small amount of canola oil and sesame oil

tossed with two servings of organic udon noodles and about 1 cup of peanut sauce (annie chun’s from whole foods)

right before harvesting!

eggplant and onion sauteed first


more shreds

ready to eat!


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