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CSA eats! carrots in Orange Soy Salmon with Honey Carrots.

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I got some lovely wild sockeye salmon at whole foods on sale. my favorite! the seafood man talked me into one of their new marinades, the orange soy. it was really good. light subtle flavor. broiled the salmon for about 12 minutes or so. for the carrots I followed the recipe below from the A to Z cookbook. the carrots were yummy! but maybe I did something wrong cooking it or following the recipe, cause they were so watery, never really got a glaze. I wound up draining the water, and putting a lot more honey! I don’t know how many carrots I had, maybe 6? all the carrots from this weeks CSA plus some from last weeks CSA that were still left. but maybe it just wasn’t enough for the amount of water the recipe called for? also despite all that water, I had to cook them for way longer than the 10 – 15 minutes it said to. did more like 20+ and they were still nice with a good snap to them. the carrots from picadilly farm are amazing! so sweet.


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