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Sunday Morning Pancakes

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OK so this is cheating a bit I guess. Using boxed pancake mix. But it was one amazing outstanding boxed pancake mix. Chris and I visited Vermont in March for the annual maple sugaring open house weekend. We brought home 4 containers of yummy golden pure Vermont maple syrup. Nothing else like it!!!!!! On the way home we stopped at the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Store, which is amazing!! A must go for any baking lover. We got a box of their all natural buttermilk pancake mix. Making these were so easy. I followed the directions for just half the box – which made 11 pancakes. The dry mix smelled delicious, so I knew we were in for a treat. The batter mixed up so nicely, quickly, and no lumps. Plus they plumped up perfectly on our cuisinart griddler (one of my most favorite kitchen appliances!) Tasted amazing with a little organic sweet cream butter on top. Plus that amazing Vermont Maple Syrup. We decided to open the Fancy Grade from Sugarbush Farm. For more info about our trip to Vermont with many pictures of other delicious pancakes visit our travel blog. P.S. I was a bit camera happy this AM


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