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CSA eats! Garlic Scapes, starring in orecchiette with garlic scape pesto

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orecchiette with garlic scape pesto

I first learned about and ate garlic scapes last year.
so I was very excited to have the opportunity to have garlic scapes again! I decided to make pesto again with it. My newest trick with making pesto, is to keep it on the thicker side, not using as much olive oil to thin it in the food processor. Then when the pasta is done, before draining it, I scoop out some pasta water and reserve it. Then the thick pesto goes into the pan, and over low heat, I gradually stir in some of the pasta water, little by little, stirring and adding until it’s the desired consistency. Then I throw in the pasta and toss to coat. Perfect every time! and it really stretches it out. I had only 4 scapes, but was able to use it for a whole pound of pasta. this time I used walnuts instead of pine nuts. Also I had a raw milk parm reg. I just eye balled all the ingredients.

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