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just figured out some meals for this week including our CSA loot and some shopping I did at whole foods tonight!

chicken orzo salad with goat cheese – but instead of chicken, I am going to use the grass fed sirloin stir fry strips I scored at whole foods! this dish includes the arugula from the farm share. basil and oregano from my herb garden

deep dish polenta pizza – will use roasted red peppers in this instead of the sun dried tomatoes (Chris doesn’t really like them). this dish includes the spinach from the farm share. I also got amazing local made mozzarella for it!

waldorf chicken salad – will use goat cheese instead of gorgonzola, plain walnuts instead of candied and no celery. will use both the butter lettuce and the green oak leaf lettuce from the farm share (there will be a lot more lettuce left too for more salads, I need to think of some for lunches) and will make this goat cheese dressing to go with it.

braised balsamic chicken with tomatoes and swiss chard – will use the swiss chard from the farm share (maybe all of it, even though it calls for less) and rosemary from my herb garden.

orecchiette with garlic scape pesto – with the garlic scapes from the farm share!!! love these things.

haven’t decided what to do yet with the small amount of strawberries, I ate one already and it was so sweet and divine. I was thinking of trying to make a small amount of fresh whipped cream and to just dunk them and eat!

also the scallions? and the daikon??? maybe stir fry them together?! I could always add the scallions to breakfast eggs, or a lunch salad, etc. too bad I could’ve used them last week, in my asian brown rice. I had to buy them at whole foods.

luckily, today Laura was able to trade the bunch of radishes we were supposed to get for a whole head of lettuce instead! I enjoyed the radishes last week, but it isn’t something I would purposely seek out to get/make. Lettuce is way better!!!!!!!


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  1. perhaps some strawberry shortcake??

    I love butter lettuce! That all sounds yummy!!


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