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CSA eats! kale and cilantro, starring in Chicken Tikka Masala and Sauteed Kale

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I had about half a bunch of red russian kale. I cut off the stems, and just tore up the leaves. Sauteed in olive oil and minced garlic for about 6 minutes on low heat. Then added enough chicken broth to cover, covered and cooked for about 15 minutes. the end result was delicious! tasted similar to broccoli rabe, which I love.

so I cheated here a little bit! I like to try to re-create ethnic foods that I love – Indian, Thai, Chinese, etc. At whole foods a couple of months ago I came across these spice packets from Arora Creations. It’s USDA Organic. This is the second time I’ve made their chicken tikka masala packet.  Pictured above is mostly sauce (it’s so good!) and some chicken, over white rice (frozen organic jasmine also from WF). the recipe is on the back of the spice packet. the ingredients are basically various spices.  you mix the spices with a chopped onion, chopped garlic, olive oil, tomato sauce, chopped ginger and cubed chicken. it cooks in about 12 minutes! then you garnish with cilantro. the last part of the recipe says to add water and cover to cook. however I did that last time and it made the sauce too thin and the chicken over cooked. so I just skip that last step now. it is really yummy and way healthier than regular tikka masala at a restaurant, cause they use traditionally a lot of butter (it’s also known as butter chicken) and this has no butter. the spice packet itself says it’s zero calories. it actually calls for 2 pounds of chicken, but I always use about 3/4 lb, hence the extra sauce.  so I wasn’t really creative with our CSA cilantro, but whatever!!! I could taste it for sure in the chicken, it was so nice and fresh and a great accompaniment. last time I made this I omitted the cilantro cause I didn’t have any (the ginger too) but it was so much better this time around with the fresh ginger (left over from potstickers, FYI – I freeze a ginger root when I buy it, lasts for a long time!) and fresh cilantro.

This officially ends week one of the CSA, it’s Tuesday and we used everything we got! Good thing tomorrow is Wednesday and we pick up a whole new set of CSA stuff!!!!!!! last weeks email said –  Coming Soon: Strawberries, Swiss chard, Napa cabbage, salad mix, scallions, arugula, garlic scapes.  I really hope we get all of those things!!!!!!!!!!! will have to wait and see what tomorrows email and pick up brings. very exciting.

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