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veggies are in!

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this year we filled our SFG with tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and squash. Purchased from various garden centers, we were even able to get some organic! Planted on 5/30/10

for tomatoes we have san marzano, pantano, heirlom beefsteak and heirlom pink brandywine.

for squash we have summer squash and italian zucchini

for eggplant we have black beauty, ichiban (japanese) and italian (the 2 italians weren’t planted until 6/12/10)

for peppers we have red and rainbow (also planted a small container of habanero on 6/12/10)

rainbow peppers 5/30/10

japanese eggplant 5/30/10

red peppers 5/30/10

eggplant row, black beauty, 5/30/10

squash row 5/30/10

tomato row 5/30/10

brandywine 5/30/10

beefsteak 5/30/10

pantano 5/30/10

san marzano 5/30/10

zucchini 5/30/10

summer squash 5/30/10

the whole SFG 5/30/10


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