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one car household and it's a hybrid!

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so I’ve never posted before about the fact that we are a one car household. DH and I went down to just one car back in 11/2006. At that time we were both riding the train aka “the commuter rail” for 12 minutes each way every day to work and just driving on weekends for errands that we couldn’t walk/train to.

back in 10/2008 we bought a new car. a hybrid! we got a great deal on a 2005 honda civic hybrid. she is white and super cute. it only had one owner before us and they took really good care of her and barely put any miles on it. we quickly learned how to drive a hybrid. it’s amazing how different it feels now to get into a “regular” car. the hybrid has taught us how to be better drivers. you can watch the gauge at the bottom and try to keep it in a good mpg range. we usually average about 42 miles per gallon. our tank only holds about 10 gallons but we can go over 400 or so miles on one tank! it’s awesome. I do wish we had a slightly newer model, even the 2006. because our trunk is not operable with a key chain button. have to hit the lever inside the car or open with the key on the outside. also the cup holders kinda suck. the newer honda civic hybrids definitely have remote access for the trunk, better cup holders and a better designed dashboard and console.

as of right now neither of us take the train anymore since we’ve moved to the ‘burbs and moved jobs and a re no longer working in boston. the only way to get to work is by car. but we are lucky enough to work near each other. so we commute together every day in our one car and it’s great. sure it becomes a pain every once in a while, especially on weekends when you both want the car to go somewhere and it’s totally different places. but we compromise and out friends do a lot of driving for the one that doesn’t have the car. but we make do pretty well most of the time.

we are thinking of getting a used pick up truck to have around mostly for errands and lugging big stuff, that we are always unable to do.  you should see how comical it is and how many trips it takes in the civic to get all of out leaves to the compost each year!!!! or to pick up compost in the summer for our garden.


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