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GudonyaToo – description from the etsy site – “We strive to make the BEST, handmade, Small Batch Soaps and Bath and Beauty Products on the Market today… We only use top shelf oils, fragrances and processes to make you look, feel and smell GREAT!!!!”

I recently ordered a few products from their special section with flat rate shipping.

Salty Dawg Creme Shampoo in Tahitian Vanilla – love this. it is thick and creamy. important to have hair really wet. scoop some out of jar. rub hands together and then smooth over hair and work into a lather. smells delicious. hair feels nice, not dry or stripped. will buy again!

INTENSE Hair Conditioner in Tahitian Vanilla – a little iffy on this. my hair felt like it had some sort of waxy coating on it. at first I couldn’t be sure if it was from the salty dawg or both. so I started using each thing separately. Definitely from the conditioner. The waxy feeling was odd, but my curls still looked nice, but I couldn’t get over the producty heavy feeling of something being there. it does have great thickness and it does spread nicely which are important. plus is smells great. I am going to keep trying it until my bottle runs out but likely will not buy again.

Whipped Shave Cream in Tahitian Vanilla – I used this once and didn’t really care for it. it smells great but it didn’t really lather well.  plus I prefer squirt bottles to jars for shaving. trying to scoop it out with wet hands and water dripping in to the jar is not fun.

Super Duper Stinky NO More–Vegetable Protein Deodorant Stick in Tahitian Vanilla – my verdict is still out on this. smells great! I am trying to get used to the non antiperspirant thing. so I’ve been rotating between this and Tom’s of Maine, neither of which I am crazy about. I definitely smell after a run, not awful, but I notice it. the vanilla smell covers it up a bit which is good. I am fine with sweating that’s not the problem. maybe I jsut need something scented even stronger to mask the body smell, which I think only I can smell. but still!


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