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I make this all the time. super easy. helps that I make a huge pot of gravy every now and then and store it. also it is easiest to make 2 trays at a time. Because the Sorrento mozzarella and ricotta I buy come in packages that are enough for two baked ziti’s and if you buy it for one and don’t make another well then you have lots of leftover mozzarella and ricotta. which you could of course use for other things, but why not just make more!! I made this (along with a bunch of other food) for the new parents Aaron & Laura!

1 lb ziti or rigatoni
1 lb whole milk ricotta
8 oz  freshly shredded mozzarella + more for topping
2 eggs
gravy – approx 4 ladles full
1/4 grated cheese, Parmesan, etc + more for topping
small amount of chopped fresh parsley

cook pasta until al dente, drain
meanwhile mix ricotta, eggs,  mozzarella, 1/4 cup grated cheese, parsley, s&p, whisk together well
mix ricotta mixture into hot pasta
line bottom of a tray (9×13) with 1 ladle of gravy
turn pasta mixture into pan
top with approx 3 ladles of gravy, some mozzarella and some grated cheese
cover with foil
bake at 350 for 45 minutes
let sit for approx 20 minutes

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