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kiss my face

I used a few of the kiss my face products

olive oil soap – I think I had the one with aloe. the bar was huge and cumbersome. didn’t lather that well. didn’t really care for it.

liquid rock – this was the first natural deodorant I tried.  I liked it for a while. it made my skin too wet though, cause it’s a roll on. the scent was just Ok. I had the “scented” version. I was disappointed to realize that it had potassium alum in it -which means it’s not aluminum free. which was what the point of switching to a more natural deodorant – to get away from aluminum.

whenever shampoo – I like this. it suds enough. smells light and not overpowering. gets the job done!

whenever conditioner – this is just OK. not heavy or mosturizing enough for my curls

upper management gel – this gel got a lot of raves over at naturally curly. but I didn’t care for it. made my curls to hard and crunchy.

triple action aloe vera toothpaste – this was pretty good. SLS free. teeth felt clean. I did not like that the tube is barely filled and it runs out very quickly.


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