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garlicky salmon and garlicky brown rice with kale and cannellini beans

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OK so I have never made kale before. Sure I’ve eaten it a few times. I got some at whole foods. It was pre-cut and all ready to go. I only had a tiny bit, but when I cooked it shrunk up a ton! I was originally planning on just eating the kale, but since it become such a small amount I had to add stuff to it – hence the brown rice creation with kale and cannellini beans! The salmon was a tiny bit of a disaster, cause I cooked it under the broiler and the garlic got a bit black. Next time will need to to do lower heat, or add the garlic half way through. It was fine anyway, didn’t taste burnt or anything, just some of the garlic was in little black bits. excuse the messy picture, I managed to break the salmon a lot trying to get it off the skin (I hate the skin!) plus I had to get the bones out.

Garlicky Brown Rice, Cannellini Beans and Kale
Saute kale with garlic and olive oil, crushed red pepper and a little salt
add some water and cover to steam
cook approx 15 minutes or until kale is soft
stir in approx half a small can of rinsed cannellini beans
stir in already cooked brown rice (I cheated and used a package of trader joe’s frozen brown rice)
add more olive oil
I used a lot of garlic, it was so super yummy!!

Garlicky Salmon
5 oz salmon
coat with olive oil
top with minced garlic from a jar
broil on high 8 – 9 minutes

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