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failed salmon!

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decided to try salmon based on Cara’s recipe, except I took a shower and let Chris try to make it. Partly my fault because I didn’t give him any instructions or a recipe to follow. Basically we had some salmon, a nice log of organic goat cheese with herbs in it and some pine nuts. He just mixed the pine nuts with the goat cheese and coated it on the salmon. Then since it was cold and we didn’t want to grill it outside, I suggested broiling it, since that is how we always cook salmon in the winter. However he thought the broiling wouldn’t be good because of the cheese. I think it would have been fine and we could’ve put the toppings on at the end of the cooking. So that led to the cusinart griddler. I said to put it on the open grill, which I took to mean – flat and open with the grill plates. He picked the flat griddle plates. By the time I got out of the shower and saw it cooking, it was crackling and popping, but not really cooking. I left it there for at least 25 minutes, and it still wasn’t cooked. To the broiler it went, cheese and all, for about 8 minutes and it was done. Needless to say this wasn’t great!!! It tasted fine, but the cheese got pretty brown on top. Next time I know better to give him clearer instructions! oh and he used cooking spray on the griddler, which should not be done. It got so black and yucky.


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