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sooooo I finally got Chris to agree to try a new grain! we bought some quinoa. and not any old quinoa but RED quinoa. and it is organic too!

I’ve looked around for a few recipes, I want something very basic, just to give it some flavor and try it as a side dish. not interested in adding a lot of things to it at this point.

I came across a few on allrecipes that sounded worth a try. There are A LOT of quinoa recipes out there. none of them mention red quinoa though. the bag says the red is sweeter than the white. which is exciting!!! just hoping we like it……

Lemony Quinoa –
Quinoa with Asian Flavors –
Quinoa Side Dish –

P.S. There are two alternative ways of pronouncing “quinoa”: The first option is “kee-NO-wah” and the other is “KEEN-wah.”according to wiki answers

update: so I made it. just added some olive oil, that’s it. I think I started off wrong. followed the package instructions but when the time was up it was still really watery. so I turned it up and gave it longer and then the water was finally absorbed. did not go over well with Chris or me!! tasted on the seet nutty side, had a weird texture and was a little on the crunchy side. not sure if that it how it is supposed to taste or what?! I do however like the red quinoa that is in Trader Joe’s Harvest Grains blend, but maybe cause it is a very small mount and it’s mixed with lots of other grains and good stuff. I think I’ll try the red quinoa again but not on it’s own. Defintiely needs to be mised with something else.


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