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can’t believe I haven’t posted about the Diva Cup yet.
it is awesome!
I’ve had it for a year, could never go back to “traditional” ways. it took a little getting use to at first. then I realized I needed to trim the stem, which made a huge difference in comfort! I used to do just the regular fold that is detailed on the box, which hurt a bit going in. Now I use the punch down fold which is so much easier for inserting however is a little tricky to get to pop open once inside. I have such a light flow I can literally wear it all day, from the time I get up to the time I go to bed and not have to empty it. I think the most I’ve gone now is 12 hours or so and it’s not even half full. never any leaks! I usually boil it to clean it at the end of a cycle.

here is a collection of good info


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