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planting sunflowers and nasturtium today!!!

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I’ve been debating what to plant in my sunflower bed this year. I knew I still wanted sunflowers but I wanted something else too! this morning I went to the farm stand – as I have to plant today. Chris is going to pick up some compost for me. And supposedly we are past the last spring frost date (I hope!). I went to the farm stand and took a quick look and something caught my eye. I bought Nasturtium – it is the dwarf jewel mixed colors variety. So excited when I got home and saw the word edible flowers on the package too. HOW FUN!!! it says they grow to 15 inches. The sunflowers I bought this year to plant are a mini sun hybrid (pollenless) variety. they are small and grow to 16 inches. last year I was soo overwhelmed by how tall my sunflowers were and trying to help them stand up with stakes, I decided this year to stick with the dwarf variety.

UPDATE – never got to plant today – there was no one at the compost to give us compost!! will have to wait until next week


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