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new crockpot replaces old crockpot!

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guess what our beloved crockpot broke!!! we had read some reviews online from people who had this same thing happen. we had cooked a meal, then when lifting the pot out of the base saw a ton of thick hard black goo on the bottom. but nothing on the sides – so it didn’t leak down. on closer inspection of the pot I could feel a crack in the bottom – which explains the liquid pooling underneath it. we bought it in Nov 2008, and used it 5 maybe 6 times!

this is the one – Kitchen Aid 7 quart slow cooker in Red

so today we brought it back to bb&b with it in the box and the recipt. I said it was broken and wanted something different. they said no problem and didn’t even open the box. we were able to find something for an even price exchange

this is the one we got now –Rival 6.5 quart crockpot with elume touchscreen

I can’t wait to use it and hope it withstands cooking more than 5 times. the main difference I can tell is that the new one is stoneware whereas the old one was ceramic. they feel kinda the same though….


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