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SFG step 1 – raised bed built!

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Chris built our SFG raised bed.
it looks great.
we made it 8 foot by 4 foot
which gives us 32 square foot plots
can’t wait to get started!!!!!!!!

some info from SFG website – Build garden box frames no wider than 4 feet, and 6 to 8 inches deep. The length is not as important, but a recommended size for your first time is one frame 4 foot by 4 foot. You can, of course, go smaller. A 2 foot by 2 foot works great on patios and 3 foot by 3 foot box is ideal for kids. Frames can be made from almost any material except treated wood, which has toxic chemicals that might leach into the soil. 1 by 6 or 2 by 6 lumber is ideal, and comes in 8-foot lengths. Most lumber yards will cut it in half at little or no cost. Exact dimensions are not critical. Deck screws work best to fasten the boards together. Rotate or alternate corners to end up with a square inside.


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  1. Did you put a fence or anything around the garden to keep out small animals?

    • we did the first year but it was total overkill. we don’t get a lot of animals or anything around here. so we skipped it last year and did nothing and the plants were fine!


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