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SFG sample start up costs

copied from a garden forum
sample start up costs in the Midwest. There are savings for each additional box you build, because of the quantities you buy.

* 1 piece 2×6×16 Untreated Pine $8.00
* 1 roll Dupont Weed Fabric 3′x50′ $12.00 (enough for 4 boxes and walkways)
* 1 small box of 2 1/2″ decking screws $4.00 (plenty for at least 4 boxes)
* 1 3.8 cubic foot bag of compressed peat $11.00 (expands to 8cubic ft. 2 boxes worth)
* 1 4 cubic foot Vermiculite $16.50 (1+ box supply)
* Compost
o Bagged compost $3.00 per cubic foot (average of assorted types)
o Bulk compost mixture $30.00 per cubic yard (equals 27 cubic feet)
o Homemade Compost FREE
* Materials for Gridwork $5.00 per box

Cost for one box with bagged compost – ~$65.00

Cost for four boxes with bulk compost – ~ $170.00 (cost per box drops to $42.00)


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