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are there specific types of each of these plants i should look for? I’d just pick whatever is in your local store (Home Depot OK) and whatever looks healthiest. I’d start out with maybe a few big boy tomatoes (or other larger tomato variety) and maybe 1-2 cherry tomato plants. Then just pick other plants that look good. You might have to adjust what you want versus what you find in the store. Or else go to a few stores.

when do you think i should look for and plant the plants? i assume sometime in late march/april/early may…but again, never done this before! would i be ok buying at home depot, or should i go to a nursery? You should always wait to put anything in the ground until after the last frost. You could buy things earlier, keep them in their pots and bring them in the house at night. I generally plant around Memorial Day. The earlier you plant the better. The plants need time to mature before producing veggies. In early May, I would suggest getting the garden area ready (amending the soil with some manure or at a minimum turning it over, mixing it up).

As I stated above, HD is fine. My HD had a GREAT selection last year. I got a ton of stuff there for very reasonable prices. They sell some of their veggies in these pots made of organic matter (like peat) and you just plunk the entire pot in the ground and the pot decomposes. So easy!!


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